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Beginner Guide

Gear Guide for Beginners

Updated date : 2023-08-30 22:59(UTC +9)

  1. Which Gear Should I Equip?
  2. Using Unique Gear While Leveling
  3. How Do I Enchant Gear?
  4. I Want to Make My Gear Legendary!

Which Gear Should I Equip?

- Gear refers to the items that can be equipped on your character. They are categorized into Weapons, Off-hand, Head, Shoulders, Body, Hands, Feet, Neck, Waist, and 2 Fingers slots (Total of 11).

Weapons are divided into Melee and Ranged weapons. Additionally, there are Off-hand items such as Shields, Quivers, and Magazines that are used in combination with certain Gear.

  * Weapons are either 1-handed or 2-handed. 1-handed weapons can be equipped in the Weapon slot and the Off-hand slot for Dual Wielding.

    Bowguns can only be equipped with other Bowguns for Dual Wielding.

- Each Skill Rune requires a different type of weapon. It is important to equip the right weapon that matches the Skill Runes you are going to use.

   Example 1) Wheel Slash (Sword, Axe Required)

     : Can only be used with a 1-handed Sword, 1-handed Axe, 2-handed Sword, 2-handed Axe.

   Example 2) Scorching Arrow (Bow, Bowgun Required)

     : Can only be used with a Bow, Bow (Steel Bow), Bowgun.

Armor is divided into three types according to Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. There are also Hybrid Armors that require two different stats (For example: Strength, Dexterity).

  * Strength Armor increases Armor, Dexterity increases Dodge Rate, and Intelligence increases Barrier. Hybrid Armors increase two defense stats according to the required stats.

- It is recommended to have a certain amount of Armor and Element Resist to decrease the amount of Physical/Element DMG Taken, and equip Armor that complements the defense stat that you prefer.

   Example 1) Dodge Rate Focus (Dexterity Armor)

     : This loadout uses Armor focused around Dodge Rate and uses Dodge Rate options, Seals, and Defense Enhance Skills to maximize the chances of avoiding enemies’ attacks.

   Example 2) Barrier Focus (Intelligence Armor)

     : This loadout uses Armor focused around Barrier and uses Barrier Recovery options and Defense Enhance Skills to withstand the enemies’ attacks using Barrier.

Accessories include BeltsNecklaces, and Rings. Up to two Rings can be equipped at once.

Necklaces and Rings have unique options such as Attack/Cast Speed IncreasePhysical/Element DMG IncreaseCritical Rate Increase,

  and Critical DMG Increase that can contribute greatly to increasing the damage output of Skill Runes.

Using Unique Gear While Leveling

- There is no need to invest heavily (such as Enchants) on low-level Gear during the early Leveling Stages in Episode 1 ~ 2.

- Players in the early game should use higher level Gear or Unique Gear from monster drops and save their Essences and Currency for later.

  * We recommend engaging in gear optimization properly after clearing the final quest of the scenario and unlocking the Chaos Dungeon endgame content.

- Unique Gear cannot be enchanted with option birth or imbue Enchants, but they have Unique Options that make them useful throughout various stages of the game.

- Furthermore, Unique Gear can be found from monster drops starting with Act 1, and can be obtained relatively easily.

  * However, higher Tier Unique Gear is difficult to find until the later Acts or the Chaos Dungeons.

  * Unique Gear can be traded on the Auction House, so we recommend checking the Auction House as well.

Once you obtain better Gear, you can register your Unique Gear in the Item Compendium to benefit from [Collection Effects].

How Do I Enchant Gear?

Gear in UNDECEMBER requires you to improve Quality, imbue Options, and upgrade Grade through Enchanting so that it can be optimized in the direction of your choice.

Gear can be imbued with a maximum of 8 (3 Prefix Options, 3 Suffix Options, and 2 Legendary Options) options through Enchanting.

  * Rare Gear can be imbued with 6 Prefix, Suffix option slots using Expansion Essences.

  * Up to 2 Legendary Options are imbued by chance when upgrading to Legendary.

- The Options Imbued when Enchanting Gear depend on the type of Gear. Some options only appear for certain types of Gear, or for Gear that is imbued with [Authority].

- It is better to Enchant Gear that already has a high Tier with the appropriate Unique Stats that complement your Skills. Enchanting higher Tier Gear results in Options of a Higher Tier.

- Gear Quality can be increased through Enchanting as well. Higher Quality increases Attack Damage for weapons, and Defense stats for Armor.

  * Quality can be imbued to dropped Gear occasionally, but the chances of higher qualities being imbued are low.

  * The goal is to use Quality Birth and Quality Modification Enchants to create a piece of Gear with high Quality.

- You should prepare various Essences when Enchanting Gear to imbue as many options as possible that are beneficial for your Skills.

  * Prioritize options that affect Skills such as Gear Critical Rate, Critical DMG Increase, Speed, Attack DMG Increase, and DMG Amplification.

     : You can imbue the option of your choice using Fixed Essences and Alyssa Essences.

     : Some options cannot be imbued simultaneously to Gear.

  * Once you imbued the option you were looking for, you should modify those options to give them a higher Tier using Vesper Essences.

  * Once you increased your option Tier, it is useful to maximize the option’s values using Change Essences.

- Belts feature options related to Potions and Mana Cost. It is recommended to prioritize those options when Enchanting.

  * Skill Runes can end up consuming large amounts of Mana toward the late game due to growth, Link Runes, and Seal Skills.

    Belts imbued with Potion and Mana Cost options can help alleviate this issue.

  * Options that lower Mana Cost can appear on certain Gear imbued with [Authority].

I Want to Make My Gear Legendary!

- Rare gear that is improved through the Enchanting feature can be upgraded to the ultimate grade of Legendary and imbued with an additional Legendary Option.

  * Upgrading a Gear to Legendary grade requires a Legendary Upgrade Essence.

  * Please be advised that upgrading to Legendary locks the existing Enchant options so that they can no longer be modified using Essences.

     : Even if Gear options are locked due to being upgraded to Legendary, it is still possible to imbue Crafting Options through Crafting.

- Legendary options include powerful options unlike Enchant options. Up to 2 Legendary options can be imbued per Gear by chance.

- The Legendary option imbued is determined by chance during Legendary Upgrade or Legendary Imbue.