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Installation and Account

Game Settings

Updated date : 2023-01-05 15:12(UTC +9)

  1. Game Settings
  2. Display
  3. Accessibility
  4. Graphics
  5. Sound
  6. Hotkeys
  7. Account
  8. Support
  9. Color Blind Mode

Game Settings

 Change graphic settings and other various features that are displayed in game from this menu.
 The menu can be opened by pushing the 'O' hotkey.


 Character names, HP/Mana values and other information that are displayed in the game interface can be toggled ON/OFF.
 You can also change the notification settings for Party/Friend/Guild invites, Mails and the Auction House.
 By turning on 'Hide Character Info', you can prevent other users from viewing your characters Gear/Rune/Zodiac settings.


 When looting, you can choose to ignore certain items to minimize congestion of your bag space.
 All items are set to be looted as default. If there are any items you do not wish to loot, uncheck each category to prevent them from being auto-looted.
 You can also specify an item to be not looted from the Obtaining Exclusion List.


 Change Game Resolution (Windowed Mode, Full Screen) and advanced Graphic Settings from this tab.
 Available options change based on the Shader version. On PC, v5.0 is used as default. But on mobile, only v3.1 is supported.
 When using Shader v3.1, certain Graphic Settings cannot be adjusted.
 The game must be restarted in order to apply Shader version changes.


 Set the Volume of the game's BGM and other SFX.


 Set hotkeys for skills and various in-game features.
 Toggling on Invert Left/Right will switch the left and right-click function of your mouse.
 Controller hotkeys can be changed even when playing on mobile devices.
 When using a gamepad, the Controller Hotkeys can be easily set from this menu as well.


 You can check your game version, current server, and your account number required for contacting Support from here.
 This is where you will be able to link your account with another platform (Google/LINE/Facebook/App Store/Steam) as well.


 Access the Terms of Service, submit a ticket to Support or redeem Coupons from this tab.
 Coupons cannot be redeemed directly from iOS devices. Please visit the FLOOR website to redeem any coupons.

Color Blind Mode

 If certain monster patterns are difficult to identify due to color, you can adjust the visible colors from the tab.
 Choose an option from Protanopia (Red-Green), Deuteranopia (Red-Green), Tritanopia (Blue-Yellow) to adjust the strength of each color palette.