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Updated date : 2022-12-12 17:32(UTC +9)

  1. World Map
  2. Minimap
  3. Waypoints

World Map

 The World Map displays the Locations, Waypoints, Monster Level, Monster Element, and Exploration Rate of every area within the game.
- You can obtain a special reward such as Elements and Ores upon achieving 
100% Exploration Rate.
 The World Map can be opened by using the Hotkey 'M'.
 If you have played through a certain area, the Reset button can be used to Rearrange the monsters and sanctums. Reset has a cooldown of 5 minutes. Areas are automatically reset after a certain amount of time passes.


 The Minimap is located at the top-right side of the screen and displays information about your immediate surroundings in real time.
- The locations of Waypoints, Sanctums, Portals and Grave Robber King Puru can be seen from the Minimap.

 Push the Minimap to switch to a transparent overlay view.
- The overlay can be 
adjusted by using the Opacity and Zoom options.
- You can also drag the overlay Minimap during adjustment to check locations that are further away from your location.


 Waypoints are travel points that exist in each town and stage.
 The World Map can be accessed from Waypoints to move to other points and towns.
 Once a Waypoint is activated, it can be used again at any time.
 Certain areas do not have a Waypoint.
 Waypoints cannot be used during combat with monsters.