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Updated date : 2022-12-12 18:28(UTC +9)

  1. Disassemble


 This feature allows obtaining essences by Disassembling items that are no longer used or unwanted items. Gear can be disassembled through the NPC Croco (Blacksmith).

 Multiple items can be registered at once to be Disassembled
 When registering, items of specific grades can be all selected at once
 Disassembling provides you with Guaranteed Rewards and Bonus Rewards. Even when disassembling the same items, the resulting rewards can differ based on the itemgrade, enchant option tier, link slots and the items value
 The type and amount of items obtained from disassembling can be viewed from the info window to the right out the Disassemble UI.
 Completing a disassembly reveals all of the obtained items through a pop-up window.