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Updated date : 2023-11-15 18:15(UTC +9)

  1. Lacrima
  2. Lacrima Item
  3. Registering and Removing Lacrimas


By registering your Gear in Lacrima slots, you can receive your Gear’s option effects without having to equip the Gear.

The Lacrima Statue is located in Saluto and will activate when you obtain a Lacrima item for the first time.

Lacrima Item

You can obtain Lacrima items through the [Guide of Illusion - Time of Confrontation] Chaos Dungeon.

Lacrima items have different types of slots, slot amounts (1-3), and absorb rates.

Registering and Removing Lacrimas

Charm Blessing values are required for registering Lacrima items, and different Blessing types and values are applied for each Lacrima item.

You must remove all Gear that have been registered to Lacrima slots in order to remove registered Lacrima items.

Although removing a registered Lacrima item does not cost currency, the Gear registered to its slots will be destroyed.

You can use [Rubies] to restore Gear instead of destroying them.

You can exchange the Gear registered to Lacrima slots by using [Link of Unity], and when doing so, the previously registered Gear will be destroyed.

You can use [Rubies] to restore Gear instead of destroying them.

The rules for registering/removing Lacrima items are as follows:

     1. Registering a Lacrima item: No currency needed

     2. Exchanging a Lacrima item: No currency needed

     3. Registering Gear in Lacrima slots: [Link of Unity] needed

You can obtain Link of Unity by disassembling Lacrima items and through [Guide of Illusion/Time of Confrontation].

     4. Restoring Gear registered to Lacrima slots: [Rubies] needed