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Descent Raid

Updated date : 2024-02-26 17:03(UTC +9)

  1. What are Descent Raids?
  2. Descent Raid Rewards
  3. What are Solo Descent Raids?
  4. Solo Descent Raids Rewards

What are Descent Raids?

✔ Descent Raid

- Descent Raids are raid content that can only be played at certain times.

- Once players can enter the raid, a system message will be displayed within the game.

- Descent Raids can be played in two difficulties.

● Normal - Requires [Lv. 60], party size of 4.

● Hard Mode - Requires [Lv. 80], party size of 8.

- Players can challenge the boss by creating a raid or matching once the raid is available.

✔ Shadow Mirror Completion

- Collect Shadow Mirror Shards and complete the Shadow Mirror to receive rewards upon clearing the Descent Raid.

- Players can still defeat the boss without completing the Shadow Mirror, but they won’t be able to receive a Clear Reward.

* Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained starting from Act.10 stages of [Episode 2], and can be found in Chaos Dungeons and the Constellation of Time as well.

* You cannot obtain any more Shadow Mirror Shards once the Shadow Mirror is fully completed.

* Shadow Mirror completion is shared between Normal and Hard mode.

Descent Raid Rewards


  - Defeating the Descent Raid boss grants a [Reward].

  - Rewards include Gemstones of Courage, various items, and Elements by default, with a chance to gain Runestones as well.

  - There is a chance to obtain a Unique Runestone in Hard mode.

✔ Additional Rewards

  - Defeating the Descent Raid boss in Hard mode can grant additional rewards such as  [Damage Rewards] and [Clear Rewards].

┗ DMG Reward - obtained depending on the highest Total DMG record from your encounters.

┗ Clear Reward - obtained by repeatedly defeating the Descent boss after completing the Shadow Mirror.

  - Additional rewards are only obtainable in Hard mode, and can be received per character.

[ Precautions ]

※ Descent Raid Rewards can be changed or altered at a later date.

※ Raid rewards that are not received during the Descent Raid Reward period will disappear once the allowed time is over.

What are Solo Descent Raids?

 Solo Descent Raids

- Solo Descent Raids are Descent Raids that can be completed alone. They are difficult contents that test Rune Hunters' limits.

- This content is available from Lv. 100 and can be toggled on by pressing the 'Solo Descent Raids' button at the existing Descent Raid lobby.

The content can be played up to 3 times a day and the play limit is shared between characters.

Bosses weaken when time passes a certain point through the Nerf Timer System, and Kill and Stage Clear Rewards also decrease when the timer is activated. (This system will be applied after Mar. 28 (Thu) 2024)

Solo Descent Raids Rewards

✔ 'Rune Hunter Coins' will be given as rewards according to the cleared Solo Descent Raid stage.

 When the Raid Boss is defeated completely, the 'Lv. 150 Unique Rune Stone Selection Chest' will be given as a reward.