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  1. Treasure Chest
  2. Sanctums
  3. Grave Robber King Puru
  4. Red Moon Altar
  5. Altar of Blessing
  6. Chaotic Realm
  7. Serpens Statue
  8. Eunos Vein

Treasure Chest

 There is a chance you will find treasure chests while hunting out in the fields.
 There are multiple grades to treasure chests.
- More rewards are dropped the higher grade treasure chests.
- There are 
Old, Brilliant and Mystical grades. Mystical Treasure Chests can only be found inside Chaos Dungeons.
 Interacting with a Treasure Chest will summon multiple monsters. Multiple items will be dropped as a reward upon defeating them all.
 Traps can also be activated as the monsters are summoned. Certain traps can afflict threatening crowd control effects.


 Randomly created in fields, interacting with Sanctums will grant a set buff effect based on the Sanctums name
   (Certain Sanctums only appear inside Chaos Dungeons that are created with Grown Chaos Cards.)
 Push the Buff effect icon above the Potion Quick Slots to display buff details and the remaining duration.

SwiftnessIncreases Movement, Attack, Cast Speed
ImmortalityDampens DMG Taken, Increases HP Recovery Speed
WillpowerIncreases Mana Regen
BlessingIncreases EXP Gain
FortuneIncreases Item Drop Rarity
EnhancementAmplifies DMG
ExpertiseIncreases Skill Rune Cooldown Recovery Speed / Effect Duration / Max Use Count
EarthquakePeriodically deals DMG to nearby enemies
CharmIncreases Charm Drop Chance
BirthIncreases Essence Drop Chance
TechniqueIncreases Element Drop Chance
EnrageAmplifies DMG and increases Movement, Attack, Cast Speed
ColossusAmplifies DMG and increases Skill Range, adds Projectiles and Chain

Grave Robber King Puru

 There is a chance of encountering Grave Robber King Puru carrying around a large sack while hunting out in the fields.
 When approached, the Grave Robber King will notice the player and start running away.
 Attack Puru to make it drop either Gold, Elements and Essences.
 If Puru is not defeated within a certain period of time after it notices the player, Puru will run away forever.

 Defeating Puru has a chance of opening a portal that leads to Purus Hideout.
- You can earn a massive amount of either 
Gold, Essence or Element from the Hideout.
Defeating monsters or destroying objects in the Hideout drop 
rewards appropriate for the type of Hideout.
- Opening the Final Vault from the Hideout will automatically open up a Return Portal that will return you back to the original field.
The Mission Progress is shared inside the Hideout if it was entered from a Chaos Dungeon.


Red Moon Altar

✔ Starting from Episode 2 stages, players have a chance to discover a Red Moon Altar that lead to a Red Moon Domain.

- Interacting with the Altar creates a portal that leads to the Red Moon Domain event stage.

- Entering the ‘Red Moon Domain’ through the portal allows players to engage in combat for a limited amount of time.

  When in a party, the event will take place and affect the time limit even if only 1 party member enters the ‘Red Moon Domain’.

- In the ‘Red Moon Domain’, players can clear Monster Waves while destroying Totems as the Red Veil approaches.

- The 'Red Moon Domain' grants buffs that make combat easier, but become Debuffs while they are in contact with the approaching veil.

- Once the time limit is over, players are forced out of the 'Red Moon Domain' and returned to where they were in the previous stage.

  Dropped items can no longer be picked up after being forced out of the Red Moon Domain stage.

- The Totems in the stage emit an aura that increases the Movement Speed of nearby monsters and decreases Projectile DMG Taken.

- The 'Red Moon Domain' has a higher chance of obtaining Orb Materials and Energies compared to normal stages.

Altar of Blessing

 Starting from Episode 3 stages, players have a chance to discover an Altar of Blessing that grants buffs.

- Activate the Altar to receive a buff for 60 seconds.

- Exploring the stage while the buff is active creates Realm Rifts.

- Interacting with the Realm Rift spawns monsters. Defeating Rare or Unique monsters can award a large amount of Light of Life.

Chaotic Realm

 Starting from Episode 3 stages, players have a chance to discover a Portal that leads to a Chaotic Realm stage.

- Using the portal leads to one of the Realm stages.

- Realm stages feature Authority traps that correspond to the Realm stage, and can award Charms of the same category.

  There are no Realms that correspond to Nemera and Tri. The Charms for these categories can be obtained in general from the other Realms.

- Defeating the Elite monster that exists at the end of the Realm stage can result in even greater rewards.

Serpens Statue

 Players have a chance to encounter the Serpens Statue when progressing through the Chaos Dungeons.

Up to 5 Serpens Statues can be created by chance in the given stage.

- Higher grade Chaos Cards increase the chances of creating more Serpens Statues.

- Approaching the Serpens Statue summons multiple special monsters. Defeating the Statue can grant a reward.

- Defeating all the Serpens Statues that appear in the stage can summon monsters that grant additional rewards or create a portal that leads to a powerful special boss based on the number of Statues defeated (if there are at least 3 Statues).

Eunos Vein

Eunos Veins can be found by chance when progressing with stages after Episode 2.

- Veins are classified into Magic, Rare, Unique, and Legendary, and Vein Monsters appear from Rare Veins.

- The chance of more statues being created increases the higher the Chaos Card’s grade is.

- Legendary Veins can be found in Chaos Dungeons and Constellation of Time. Take caution because the new boss monster, Apollyon, may ambush users.

- Through Veins, items such as Jewels, Jewel Polishing Stones, and Eunos Dungeon entry materials can be obtained.