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Updated date : 2022-12-19 20:02(UTC +9)

  1. Basic Information
  2. Gear Type
  3. Gear Grade
  4. Gear Status

Basic Information

 Gear refers to the Weapons, Armors, Accessories and Charms that a character can equip to enhance their combat capabilities.
 You can view the currently equipped items from the Character Info by opening the window with the Hotkey C. (The window also shows up when opening the Bag.)
 Weapons, Armors and Accessories all have Equip Stat Requirements (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Level).
 Item grades can be increased and options can be changed through Enchanting.

Gear Type

 Weapons are divided into Main Weapons and Off-hand Weapons. Main Weapons can either be 1-handed or 2-handed.
- All 2-handed weapons except for Bows 
cannot be used with Off-hand Weapons.
Available Skill Runes are different for each weapon
Certain Skill Runes can only be used with a specific weapon.
- 1-handed Weapons can be dual wielded instead of equipping an Off-hand Weapon with it. 
A special buff is activated when dual wielding.

 Armors are divided into Helmet, Spaulders, Armor, Gloves and Shoes.
Each armor has different base 
defense related options based on their requirements. Certain hybrid armors that have two stat requirements are imbued with additional unique options.
- Strength Armor: Armor
- Dexterity Armor: Dodge Rate
- Intelligence Armor: Barrier
- Strength/Dexterity Armor: Armor + Dodge Rate
- Strength/Intelligence Armor: Armor + Barrier
- Dexterity/Intelligence: Dodge Rate + Barrier

 Accessories are divided into Necklace, Belt and a pair of Rings.
- The only stat requirement is Levels.
Two Rings with the same name can be equipped at once. But certain items are unique-equipped.

 Charms can be obtained from Chaos Dungeons.
- There are no equip requirements, but additional slots are opened as the 
Chaos Statue increases in level.
- Charms grant a certain amount of 
Gods Blessings.
- Blessing Effects become active based on the total blessing value.

Gear Grade

 Items with higher grades can have more enchant options.
 As the item level increases higher tier options appear during enchanting.
- Normal: No options, only carries base stats.
- Magic: Up to 3 additional options as well as its base stats.
- Rare: Up to 6 additional options as well as its base stats.
- Unique: Each unique item has a set option.
- Legendary: Up to 8 options (6 enchanted options + 2 
Legendary exclusive options)as well as its base stats. Options cant be changed.

 Charms do not have Normal or Unique grades and the enchant option rules are applied differently.
- Magic: Certain amount of God
s Blessing and 1 set option.
- Rare: Certain amount of God
s Blessing and 2 set options.
- Legendary: Certain amount of God
s Blessing, 2 set options and 1 Legendary option.

Gear Status

 You can check the details about an item using the icons that are displayed on the item tooltips.



Displays whether an item can be used in Alchemy.

Displays whether an item can be registered in the Auction House.

Displays whether an item can be disassembled.

Displays whether an item can be sold at an NPC Shop.

Displays whether an item can be put into Storage (Account Shared).