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Spire of Barrier

Updated date : 2023-01-10 13:46(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Play
  3. Reward


 The Spire of Barrier is a Wave Defense mode where you survive against endless monsters.
 You can join the challenge by using the Recruitment Board in town starting from Level 20.

 Use the 'Random Matching' feature to create a team with other Rune Hunters and challenge the Spire. If this feature is disabled, you will either enter with your personal party or by yourself. A party can consist of up to 4 players.
 The Spire's difficulty is divided into Easy, Normal, Hard and Chaos.
The difficulty can only be chosen 
1 time/1 day. Even if the Spire is not challenged that day, the difficulty cannot be changed once selected.
- The easier difficulties must be cleared at least once in order to challenge the harder difficulties.

How to Play

 The Abyssal Stone is located at the center of the Spire and the Veil of Terror slowly encroaches upon the Stone.
- Characters who stand on top of the Veil of Terror continuously receive massive damage.
- Once the Veil of Terror reaches the Abyssal Stonethe Spire of Barrier challenge ends regardless of your character's survival.

 Waves of monster hordes marches toward the Abyssal Stone at regular intervals.
- Magic and Rare Monsters can also appear by chance. They will appear more frequently as the wave progresses.
- Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties will last until Wave 20. Chaos difficulty has a total of 70 Waves.

 Upon gaining 'Inner Light', the Veil of Terror briefly stops in place.
- Only the encroachment is stopped. 
Stepping on top of the Veil will still damage you.
- Inner Light can be dropped by monsters, or spawns at a random location within the safe zone at the start of a new wave.
- Gaining additional Inner Lights while the Veil of Terror is stopped will increase the stop duration.

 Defeated monsters have a chance of dropping Enhancement Orbs.
- There are 3 orb colors: Red(Attack), Green(Area), Blue(Survivability)
Obtaining the same orb multiple times will stack the effect up to 6 times
. Only one type of orb can be obtained per color. If a different type of orb is obtained, the enhancement effect will change even if the orb color is the same.
- If you have obtained an option you wish to stack, use the 'Lock Enhancement Slot Button' to ignore all of the orbs from the same color except for the ones with that specific option.
- All enhancement effects are also applied to summons (Abysslings, Rune Knights, Sentries, Totems).

- Red Orb (Attack)
Enhance DMG: Amplifies all types of DMG.
Enhance Dexterity: Amplifies all types of Speed (Including Movement Speed).
Enhance Critical: Amplifies Critical DMG.
- Green Orb (Area)
Enhance Projectile: Increases Projectiles and Pierce Count.
Enhance Chain: Increases Chain Count and Chain Range.
Enhance Range: Increases Weapon and Area of Effect Range.
- Blue Orb (Survivability)
Enhance Survival: Increases Max HP and Max Barrier.
Enhance Potion: Increases Consumable Effects and Decreases Cooldown.
Enhance Skill Rune: Decreases Cooldown for Skills with Cooldown.


 You will receive rewards based on the number of waves cleared after the battle ends.
- Rewards can be claimed by each character, and can only be claimed 
once a day.
- Even if you successfully clear more waves on a retry, rewards that were already claimed from the previous waves will not be granted.
- When challenging the Spire as a party, 
you will only receive the rewards up to the wave where you left or were killed in.