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Updated date : 2023-01-10 14:16(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. Guild Base
  3. Guild Shop


 Guild allows multiple Rune Hunters to share a base and interact with each other.
 Talk to the Guild Manager NPC 'Camilla in town to check out all of the Guilds.
(If you do not have a Guild, a list of recommended Guilds will be shown. You are free to choose and request to join any of them.)

 Donations can be made to earn Guild Coins.
Gold, Guild Token, Ruby can be donated.
- There is a daily donation limit. The daily limit increases based on the Guild Rank.
- The amount of Guild Coin earned is based on the donated currency. 
As long as you have the currencies available, you are free to donate with them all.

Guild Base

 Guild Base is a location where you will be able to meet up with fellow guild members.
The Personal Storage, Guild Storage, and Guild Shop can be accessed from the Guild Base.
- Special Accessories and Runes can be purchased from the Guild Shop with Guild Coins. Certain Runes can only be found from '[Guild] Special Rune Chest'.
- The list of available product varies based on the Guild Rank.

Guild Shop

 Various items can be purchased from Peddler Falo NPC in the Guild Base.
'Guild Coin is required to make purchases.
- The list of available products expands based on the Guild Rank.
- Certain items have an 
account-wide purchase limit The reset period vary for each item.