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Zodiac Stones

Updated date : 2023-08-30 23:08(UTC +9)

  1. Overview
  2. Obtaining Zodiac Stones
  3. Equipping Zodiac Stones
  4. Emotion Engraving


Zodiac Stones

  - Zodiac Stones are special items that can be equipped on Zodiac Traits.

  - There are three types of Zodiac Stones: [Engraving (Moon)], [Engraving (Star)], and [Engraving (Sun)].

  - One Zodiac Stone can be equipped for each trait category, starting from Trait I to Trait IX, all the way to Specialization traits.

  - Zodiac Stones come with unique stats and can be imbued with additional options through [Emotion Engraving].

    * The Emotion Engraving feature is available from the [Researcher Duey] NPC in Saluto.

Obtaining Zodiac Stones

  - Zodiac Stones can be obtained from the [Constellation of Time].

  Players who clear stage 4 of the Constellation of Time for the first time can obtain a guaranteed Zodiac Stone as their [Final Reward].

  - More Zodiac Stones can be obtained by chance from the Memory Restoration Reward Chests that can be obtained from restoring memories in the Constellation of Time.

    (Only Engraving (Star) Zodiac Stones can be obtained from the Memory Restoration Chests.)

  - Obtained Zodiac Stones can be purchased or sold on the Auction House.

  - Equipping, purchasing, or performing [Emotion Engraving] on a Zodiac Stone turns it into an untradable item.

- Players can obtain new Zodiac Stones by synthesizing Zodiac Stones of the same grade through [Alchemy].

Equipping Zodiac Stones

  - Each set of traits from Zodiacs I to IX, and Specialization has a slot where you can equip a Zodiac Stone.

  - Slots are locked by default, and can be unlocked by activating Nodes using Trait points to satisfy the Engraving Upgrade requirements.

  - Engraving Upgrade requirements include objectives such as activating a certain number of Nodes in the trait, or activating a certain number of Sun Nodes & Cosmos Nodes.

  - Fulfilling the Engraving Upgrade requirement can unlock the Engraving (Moon)Engraving (Star)Engraving (Sun) slots.

  - Unlocked slots can be equipped a Zodiac Stone that fits the activated Engraving type.

    For example) Slots that have Engraving (Moon) or Engraving (Star) activated can be equipped with Moon or Star Zodiac Stones.

Emotion Engraving

  - Zodiac Stones can be imbued with additional options through Emotion Engraving.

  - There are four types of Engraving slots: Happiness/Sadness/Wrath/Joy.

  - The imbued option differs based on the Emotion, and is imbued by chance.

  - Options imbued through Emotion Engraving are reset during every new Season update.

  This also resets the amount of Powerful Emotions needed for Emotion Engraving.

  - The [Emotion Engraving] feature is available from the [Researcher Duey] NPC in Saluto.

Emotion Engraving requires [Powerful Emotions] as materials.

  * Players can own up to 1,000 of each Powerful Emotion.

Powerful Emotion

Dropped by

Pure Happiness

Rune Archer of Pure Happiness

Contradictory Sadness

Rune Mage of Contradictory Sadness

Scathing Wrath

Rune Warrior of Scathing Wrath

Intense Joy

Rune Gladiator of Intense Joy

(Powerful Emotions can be obtained by chance upon defeating the related monsters that are found in the Constellation of Time.)