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Updated date : 2023-01-26 12:45(UTC +9)

  1. Crafting
  2. Crafting Growth
  3. Normal Crafting
  4. High Crafting
  5. Crafting Reset


✔ The Crafting feature is available at the Alchemy Desk in each Act town or Saluto.
* You must clear the last quest of the updated main scenario in order to unlock the Crafting feature.
You can use Crafting to add a [Crafting Option] to the Prefix/Suffix Options of Gear.

Crafting Growth

You can increase Crafting level through growth. Higher levels increase the Tier and chance of Crafting options and unlock new Crafting options.
However, the Tier of obtainable options are decided by the Tier of the base Crafting options.
    Therefore, there may be instances where the Tier of obtainable options does not increase even if you increase your Crafting level.
✔ The three categories that can be grown are [Weapon], [Armor], [Accessory].
✔ Growth requires [Star Memory] and [Gold] for each category.
* Star Memory can be obtained from Chaos Dungeons created with Traces of Memory.

Normal Crafting

Press [Crafting Option] in normal Crafting to [Select] a Prefix/Suffix option to imbue a Crafting option to.
- Crafting Option: For options that do not appear due to unfulfilled conditions, the [Required Crafting Level] and [Link Option's Tier] will be displayed.
- Appearance Chance: Displays the appearance chance of Crafting options and chance for each Tier.
- Link Option: Displays what effect the Crafting option has on the Prefix/Suffix option using icons.
                    ※ The description for each Link Option icon is shown below.
 Crafting option is added without changing the Link option.
 Link option and Crafting option is replaced.
 Link option's value decreases and Crafting option is added.

Crafting options can only be added to one Prefix/Suffix option, and are selected by chance from the list of available Crafting options.
Normal Crafting requires [Trace of Creation, Star Memory].
* Crafting option imbue chance can be found on the screen that appears by pressing [Crafting Option].
* If there is 1 Crafting option imbued already, the existing option is removed and imbued with a new option.
* Trace of Creation and Star Memory can be obtained in Traces of Memory Chaos Dungeons.

High Crafting

High Crafting allows players to imbue additional Crafting options onto items that have already been imbued with a Crafting option.
High Crafting options are imbued by chance onto a Prefix/Suffix option that has not been imbued with a Crafting option.
High Crafting requires [High Traces of Creation].
* High Traces of Creation can be obtained from Traces of Memory or in Chaos Dungeons.

Crafting Reset

 You can remove all Crafting options that have been imbued onto Gear from the Crafting Reset screen.
✔ Resetting requires [Traces of Disintegration].
* Traces of Disintegration can be obtained from the Paid Shop or in Chaos Dungeons.