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Zodiac Traits

Updated date : 2024-01-23 16:27(UTC +9)

  1. Overview
  2. Zodiac Traits


 Zodiac Trait Points: Points used to activate the Zodiac. Players gain 1 point every time they level up, starting from level 10.

- Additional points can be obtained using the Stardust of Advancement upon clearing each Act starting from Act 2.

- They can also be obtained by using Stardust of Evolution, which can be obtained while progressing through Chaos Dungeon Sub Quests.

Zodiac Traits

 All Zodiac Traits are divided into Types and Levels.
 A certain amount of Zodiac Trait Points must have been used in order to invest into Lv. II and beyond.
 As long as you have points, you can invest into Zodiac Traits of different types in the same level.
- However, 
only 1 type of Specialization can be selected at once.
 Each Zodiac type is marked by a starting 'Moon' node, a middle 'Star' and 'Sun' node, and a 'Cosmos' capstone node.
 You must first invest into one of the starting nodes in order to continue to other connected nodes.
 Investing into a capstone node will change the image of that Zodiac in the overall Zodiac view.

Search Function
 You can use the Search function on the bottom right side of the Zodiac screen to search for the desired stats.
- Searching the desired stat (E.g.: Projectile DMG) will highlight the types of Zodiacs with that trait.