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Updated date : 2023-01-31 16:01(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. Costume
  3. Attachments
  4. Dye
  5. Appearance
  6. Portal
  7. Medallion
  8. Skill Skins
  9. Random Skill Skin Purchase


 Beauty refers to special appearance customization options, divided into the Costume / Attachment / Dye / Appearance / Portal / Medallion / Skill Skin categories.
It can be opened using the hotkey 'B'.
 Purchased Costumes, Attachments, Portals, and Skill Skins are shared by all characters on the account regardless of game mode.


Customize the appearance of your character. Costumes are divided into Outfit, Helmet, Main Weapon, Off-hand Weapon and can change the appearance of your currently equipped gear.

Purchasing a costume grants a 'Costume Dye Coupon'. You can use the costume dye feature to create a unique appearance.

Weapon costumes require an appropriate weapon to be equipped in order to be applied.

(For example: Players must have an actual 2-handed Blunt weapon equipped in order to use the Lava Emperor 2-handed Blunt costume.)


Select the costume to wear for each part. If you do not own the costume, it must be purchased using paid currency.

Equip or remove the costume selected in .

Hide the interface for a closer look at your character's appearance.

Zoom in or out with the camera to take a closer look at your character's appearance.

Select whether to show or hide your helmet.

Set Dyes for each costume part.

- Dyes can only be applied to owned costumes.

- Each costume has a different set of parts that can be altered.

- Requires a Costume Dye Coupon. You can obtain a coupon when purchasing a costume.
(This feature can be used for free if Zodiac Walker is active.)

Revert all appearances back to default.


Players can purchase Dash Effects and Footsteps using [Rubies] or [Coupons] from the Attachments screen.

Equipping a Dash Effect generates a special effect behind the character when moving.

Equipping Footsteps generate special effects every time the character takes a step when moving.


The Dye system allows players to change the color of their helmet and armor.

Each piece of armor has a different set of parts that can be altered.

Dying requires a small amount of Gold.

(The Dye feature can be used for free if the Zodiac Walker effect is active.)

Even if an item is dyed, costumes will take priority in visibility.
Dyes are bound to each piece of armor. If the armor is replaced with another item, they will not be applied automatically.


You can change your character's [Skin Tone], [Face Type], [Hair Type], [Hair Color] when changing appearance.

✔​ You can change your character's [Gender], [Skin Tone], [Face Type], [Hair Type], [Hair Color] when changing gender.

* The appearance change feature can be used by selecting a [Skin Tone] or [Face Type] from the [Appearance] screen.

* The gender change feature can be used by selecting () a gender under [Gender] on the bottom left part of the [Appearance] screen.


[ Precautions ]

Changing Appearance/Gender consumes [Rubies]. Rubies are spent every time the character’s Appearance/Gender is changed.

If you wish to revert any changes you made to your appearance, you must use the appearance change feature again.

You can only change your appearance/gender in town.


 Players can purchase various Portals using [Rubies] or [Coupons] from the Portal screen.

Purchasing and equipping a Portal changes the appearance of the Portal that appears when using [Return] or creating a [Chaos Dungeon].


You can obtain Medallions by completing certain conditions, such as achievements.
Equip a Medallion to change your character's Medallion that is displayed on your profile, or on the guild screen.

Skill Skins

Players can purchase Skill Skins for certain Skills using [Rubies], [Coupons], or Gold from the Skill Skin screen.

Equipping a Skin purchased using Gold can change a Skill’s effect color to Fire, Cold, Lightning, or Poison. (Only sold for Physical Element Skills)

 Equipping a Skin purchased using Rubies can change a Skill’s effect to a special, unique effect.

Random Skill Skin Purchase

You can use [Random Skill Skin Purchase] through the Skill Skin section in Beauty.

Skill Skin Challenge Tickets are required for Random Skill Skin Purchase, and you can purchase Skill Skin Challenge Tickets with [Rubies].

You will receive Mileage Tickets when you obtain a Skill Skin you already own.

Mileage Tickets can be used to purchase various items at the Paid Shop’s Mileage Ticket Shop.


[To Note]

Some Skill Skins cannot be obtained through Random Skill Skin Purchase.

Skill Skins that cannot be obtained through [Random Skill Skin Purchase] can be directly purchased with [Rubies].

To see a list of Skill Skins that can be obtained through [Random Skill Skin Purchase], press the Rare Skill Skin or Magic Skill Skin rate buttons on the left side of the purchase screen.