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Updated date : 2023-01-05 16:30(UTC +9)

  1. Basic Controls
  2. Interface
  3. Smart Control

Basic Controls

PC Version Character and Combat Controls

In the PC version, you will use your mouse to move your character and your keyboard to use skills.

- Right-click to attack or register/remove items. Another skill can be registered to be used instead of basic attack.
- Left-click to move and loot drop items.
- The right/left-click function can be switched from the Hotkey settings.
- Skills that requires selecting a specific area or a target can be 
aimed toward the mouse cursors location.
- The same controls can be used when using a gamepad connected to your PC instead of a mouse and keyboard.

Mobile Version Character and Combat Controls

In the mobile version, a virtual gamepad will be used to move your character and use hotkeys to use registered skills.

- Touch the virtual gamepad located on the bottom-left side of the screen or drag it to move your character.
- Touch or hold the buttons located on the bottom-right side of the screen to use skills.
- Skills that requires selecting a specific area or a target will automatically be 
aimed toward the joypads direction.


Displays the charactername, level and current HP. Push to view your Character Info.
 Create a Party or a Raid and check the name, level and HP status of your party members.
Displays chat history Push to expand the chat window and participate in conversations.
Only displayed in towns. Push to display the NPCs responsible for various contents. Selecting their name will 
automatically move you to their location.
Buttons that display Quick Notifications, Shop, Event (Pass), and the Menu.
Displays the 
Minimap of the current region. Push to change to a transparent overlay view over the screen.
Displays the current Quests in progress.
Displays the charactercurrent HP, Mana and Barrier values. Interface can be changed to show the exact remaining values from Settings.
Open your Bag or use Return and Quick Slot items.
 Use registered 
skills with hotkeys. 5 / 5 skills can be registered into two separate bars.

Smart Control

 Achieve character level 7 to unlock the 'Smart Control' feature. Smart Control can be toggled On/Off using the default hotkey 'T'.

 Smart Control automatically uses the Skill that is registered in a specific slot against enemies without entering any specific command.
- Smart Control uses the Skill that is assigned to the 
Mouse Click slot. Moving or using another skill immediately stops skill use.
- Melee Skills are used once enemies enter into melee range.
- Ranged Skills are not used against enemies outside the character
s vision, even if they are within range.
Skills with Cooldowns or most Toggle, Enhance, Summon, Movement Skills cannot be used with the Smart Control feature.