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Episode Skip Ticket

Updated date : 2024-01-04 12:18(UTC +9)

  1. Episode Skip Ticket
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Episode Skip Ticket

Episode Skip Tickets are items that allow you to skip the Episode you are playing and move on to the following Episode.

- You can purchase Episode Skip Tickets from [Paid Shop] > [Convenience].

Episode Skip Ticket Info

- You can use the Episode Skip feature at waypoints or through the World Map by pressing the [Skip Episode] button at the bottom of the screen.



 - You can skip Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3.

- 1 ‘Episode Skip Ticket’ is required when skipping 1 Episode, and 3 ‘Episode Skip Tickets’ are required if you wish to skip all of Episodes 1-3.

- When skipping an Episode, you will receive appropriate amounts of gear, Runes, Gold, and materials, as well as quest clear reward chests for each relevant Episode.

Skip rewards for skipping Episodes are all the same regardless of the progress you have made for the Episode.



- After you select the Episode you wish to skip, the rewards you can obtain once you use the Episode Skip Ticket will appear.

  When you press the [OK] button, the Episode will be skipped and you will move to the Select Character screen.

- Once you re-enter the game as the character with which you used the Episode Skip Ticket, 

  you will have the rewards according to the Episode you skipped and will be moved to the map areas outlined below:

● Episode 1 Skip: Solitary Area (Lv. 46)

● Episode 2 Skip: Advena Sanctuary (Lv. 65)

● Episode 3 Skip: Saluto (Lv. 76)

※ The levels above are calculated based on a Lv. 1 character only skipping Episodes, and levels may therefore differ if Episode Skip Tickets are used with accumulated EXP.


■ To Note

- Episode Skip Tickets can be stored in your General Storage for each mode.

- Please note that some items obtained from skipping Episodes can be disassembled/sold at Shops.

- You will receive Stardusts of Advancement when skipping Episodes 1 and 2. You can use the item to increase Zodiac Trait Points.

● Episode 1 Skip: Stardust of Advancement x4

● Episode 2 Skip: Stardust of Advancement x5

● Episode 3 Skip: Stardust of Advancement x3

- Please note that if you use an Episode Skip Ticket for a Standard Character and then transfer that character to Season Mode, the skipped Episodes will not be applied to Season Mode.

- Trading Keys cannot be used for new Unique Gear obtained as skip rewards, and such gear cannot be traded with others.

- If you use an Episode Skip Ticket, you will be removed from the new ranking category, '[Season] Content Progress'.

- Skipping Episodes during Season Challenges will not automatically defeat Act bosses, so you must defeat each Act’s last area bosses directly yourself in order to proceed with the relevant Season Challenges.