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Updated date : 2024-01-04 12:10(UTC +9)

  1. Pet Ability
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Pet Ability

 Summoned pets automatically pick up dropped items while you play stages.

 Pets have the same Pet Ability regardless of their appearance.

 Open the bag while in the field to use 'Pet Ability', which will also allow you to sell and disassemble items without visiting a blacksmith.

 Open the bag while in the field to use 'Access Storage', which will allow you to store items without having to go to Storage.

 Pet Abilities incur a Cooldown (10 seconds) when used, and cannot be used multiple times in a row.


Pets are adorable companions that follow your character around when summoned.
You can access the pet menu by pressing the hotkey 'P'.
 Players are provided with the default pet 'Toduba'. Paid Currency can be used to purchase other pets as well. 
 Purchased pets are shared by all characters on the account regardless of game mode.