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Void Rift

Updated date : 2023-01-10 17:48(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Play
  3. Reward


 The Void Rift is a challenge that pits you against powerful Boss monsters.
 You can join the challenge by talking to Salvis in Saluto after clearing Episode 2.
 This is a Solo Content that cannot be done with a party.

How to Play

 There are 3 bosses for each level. All of the bosses must be defeated in order.
 As the level increases, the boss monsters will grow stronger and appear in packs, requiring precise strategies.

 Before entering, you will have to choose between 'Damage Restriction Mode' and 'Space Restriction Mode'.
- Damage Restriction Mode: Monsters must be in 
Melee range to be damaged properly. The effective range will be displayed.
- Space Restriction Mode: The combat area will 
gradually become smaller as time progresses.
 As the level increases, ally Attack, Speed and other stats will be decreased while the enemy stats are increased. The detailed list of effects can be viewed from 'Void Energy(Enemy Buff)' and 'Zodiac Oath(Ally Debuff)'.


 Clear Rewards can be obtained by defeating the bosses. Bonus Reward will be given by clearing the entire level.
 The list of bosses will reset every 3 weeks.
 You will earn Rank Points every time you defeat a boss and your ranking will automatically be registered.