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Updated date : 2024-01-04 12:02(UTC +9)

  1. Basic Information
  2. Rune Transfers
  3. Gear Option Transfers

Basic Information

 Transfers can be used to move the grade and enchant options of Gear, Skill Runes and Link Runes that were being used to a different item.

Rune Transfers

- Runes with the same name cannot transfer to each other. Transfer is also unavailable to Runes of a higher grade than the material Skill Rune.
- For Skill Runes, the material and the target skill must have the same number of maximum slots.
- The Rune registered in the left slot is the 'Material Rune' which will be destroyed during transfer. The Rune registered in the right slot is
  the 'Target Rune' that will receive all of the detailed info (Level, Link Slots etc.) from the material Rune.
- The Rune that is registered as the material Rune is consumed and destroyed during transfer.
* Awakened Runes can be registered as a material Rune, but the Awakened option is not transferred in the process.

Gear Option Transfers

 Guaranteed/Partial Gear Option Transfers allows moving the grade, prefix/suffix options from the gear that were being used to a different gear.
- The 
Trade and Bind Status of the material item is also transferred.
- Gear that has received a transfer can no longer receive any more transfers.
- The target Gear
s level must be equal or higher than the material Gear.
- For Gear imbued with Authority, the Gear receiving the transfer must have the same type of Authority for transfer to be possible.
(Transfers can still be done using Gear without Authority, but the existing unique Authority option will disappear. However, enchanted Authority Prefix, Suffix options are transferred together)
- Enchanted Authority Prefix, Suffix options are transferred together.
- For armors, only the 'Same Option Type'can transfer to each other even if the armor is for the same gear slot. 
(For example: Strength/Dexterity Shoes options can be transferred to another Strength/Dexterity Shoes, but cannot be transferred to Intelligence/Dexterity Shoes.)

- Only Rare or higher grade Gear can be registered as the Target Item for Guaranteed Transfers. The transferred stats are as follows
Prefix/Suffix Options
Legendary Prefix/Suffix Options
Quality/Quality Modification Info
Unique Authority Option
Trading Key Usage Count
- For Partial Transfers, a 'Rare' grade gear with 6 or more options can transfer its grade and 4-6 Prefix/Suffix options by 

 Gear Reversion Transfer is a feature that deletes the Legendary exclusive enchant option from a Legendary item to revert it back to Rare grade.
- Gear Reversion Transfer is also divided into
Guaranteed and Partial transfers.
'Guaranteed Transfer fully transfers the Legendary gears info
'Partial Transfer transfers 4-6 Prefix/Suffix options by 
Transfer Stones are used as material by default.
Star of Regression is required for Guaranteed Transfers along with Reversion Essences as additional material.
- All other rules are identical to the normal gear transfers.