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Season Mode Guide

Season Mode Content

Updated date : 2024-04-19 16:48(UTC +9)

  1. Season Challenges
  2. Season Mode Exclusive Ranking

Season Challenges

- Season Mode characters can carry out [Season Challenges] from the event tab during the Season.

- Completing challenges awards Points. Reaching a certain amount of points unlocks rewards from the bottom of the screen.

Season Challenges are shared on a Season Mode account basis, and rewards from points can only be obtained once per account.

- Players can obtain Titles and Special Costumes that are exclusive to Season Mode through Season Challenges.

Season Mode Exclusive Ranking

- Season Mode features a [Season Ranking] that only Season characters can participate in.

    : Players can obtain [Rune Hunter Coins] as rewards from the Season Rankings.

    : Season Rankings are calculated during the Season. Records are reset at the end of the Season.

Once the Season is over, players can use their Rune Hunter Coins in NPC Ore Collector Joyce's [Rune Hunter Shop] and [Title Shop] in town.

    : The Rune Hunter Shop sells special items such as Speech Bubbles, Damage Skins, Medallions, Emojis, Pets, and Costumes.