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Season Mode Guide

Season Mode Character Creation

Updated date : 2023-08-30 22:32(UTC +9)

  1. Season Mode Character Creation
  2. Standard Mode Character Transfer

Season Mode Character Creation

Creating a new character during Season Mode allows players to choose the character between Season Mode and Standard Mode.

  : Creating a character after selecting Season Mode allows that character to be played in Season Mode.

Standard Mode Character Transfer

- During a Season, Standard Mode Characters can be Transferred into Season Mode Characters.
  : However, transferring a Standard character resets all information related to the character except for their nickname and appearance.
   All equipped and owned items are deleted, and the character is reset back to Level 1 and starts from the Prologue.
   Please be advised that any character information that is deleted or reset from character transfer cannot be reverted.
   Character transfer is unavailable if there are items registered to the Auction House or Trading Post.