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Season Mode Guide

Season Mode Character Creation

Updated date : 2024-02-26 16:54(UTC +9)

  1. Season Mode Character Creation
  2. Change Season Mode
  3. Revert Character
  4. Transfer Character

Season Mode Character Creation

Creating a new character during Season Mode allows players to choose the character between Season Mode and Standard Mode.

  : Creating a character after selecting Season Mode allows that character to be played in Season Mode.

Change Season Mode

Change Season Mode Guide

- Season Modes can be changed at the Select Character screen. Revert Character and Transfer Character are available.

- Changing Season Modes are free, and if there is an item registered in the Auction House, modes can only be changed if there is another character in the same mode.

Hardcore and Origin Mode characters can change modes with the Gemstone of Courage Nuggets and Gemstone of Merit Nuggets in their inventories and can use them in the Ore Shop after changing modes.

If characters level up in the changed mode, they will be included in the Contents Ranking.

Characters who used Episode Skip Tickets will not be included in the rankings.

Revert Character

- Selecting 'Revert Character' will delete all character information and change the mode into the selected mode.

 Can be selected in all modes.

※ All items equipped on and owned by the character will be deleted and the character level will be reset to Lv. 1.

 Character information that is deleted or reset due to reverting characters cannot be recovered. Please proceed with caution.

Transfer Character

- Selecting 'Transfer Character' will reset certain character information and change the mode to Normal Mode.

- All items equipped on the character, items in the Bag, and the character level will remain and only mode-related information will be reset.

Only characters in Hardcore and Origin Modes can select this.

The information that will remain and will be reset when transferring characters is below.

 Character information that is deleted or reset due to transferring characters cannot be recovered. Please proceed with caution.

Information that will remain
Character inventory, equipped skills, Rune Cast, quest progress, level,
equipped gear, Lacrima Slots, Waypoints, Zodiacs, Scenario Compendium, Orb stats, etc.
Information that will be reset
Season Mode Pass products, Mode currency (Gold, Ores, Black Market Coins),
Chaos information (Statues, Compendium, Missions), rankings, Charm Slot Upgrades,
Bounties, Black Market, Journal, Storage, Relic, Void Rift, Alchemy, Mode Mail, etc.