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Item Compendium

Updated date : 2023-01-10 14:01(UTC +9)

  1. Item Compendium

Item Compendium

 The Item Compendium becomes available after clearing the Act 2 Quest, 'Knight Captains Logic.
 View and register various information of Unique Gear and Runes found in UNDECEMBER to earn Collection Effects.
- If you possess an item that can be registered into the compendium, it will be marked with a 
Blue Dot.
- Registered gear and runes can always be retrieved back into your 

Unique Gear Compendium
- Collect Unique Gear from variety of contents.
- The Unique Gear
s options and its values are available for viewing.

Rune Compendium
- Collect Skill Runes, Link Runes and Runestones from variety of contents.
- All of the options its values based on the Skill/Link Rune grades are available for viewing.
- The [Source Filter] feature can be used to organize the list of Runes by where to find them.

Collection Effect
Points are accumulated whenever a Unique Gear or Rune is registered into the Compendium. You gain Drop Chance Increase for each Item Type upon reaching certain point thresholds.
Runes award more collection points according to the registered Rune's Grade.
- The effects gained from Unique Gear and Rune Compendiums can be viewed from 'Total Collection Effects'.