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Updated date : 2022-12-12 18:56(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. Friends
  3. Block
  4. Party


 Social features allows players to add friends to check their information, or block others to prevent any unnecessary encounters.
 Push the Hotkey 'S' to access the Social menu.


 Friends are able to always check each others status and interact through a mutual agreement.
- The list of players who were recently in your party can be found in 'Find Friend'. You can also select another player in town to
Add Friend'.
- If you have received a request, you can check the list of
Friend Requests to accept or decline.
- The registered friend
s info can be viewed by pushing 
. If they are online, you can either Whisper or Invite to Party with ease.
(If your friend has chosen to hide their character info, it will not be available for view.)


 Block can be used to prevent any further interaction with undesired players.
- Players can be blocked through Chat or by selecting their character.
- Blocked player
s chat will no longer appear on your screen.
- Even if a player is blocked, you can still be 
automatically matched with the player in contents such as Raids and Spire of Barrier.


 Party will allow you to challenge difficult areas and dungeons by cooperating with multiple players.
 Select the icon below your character name to create a party and invite others.
(You can use the Friend List or select other players in town to create a party as well)
 Episode areas and Chaos Dungeons are divided in to General Areas and Party Areas. Play together with party members by entering the same Party Area. Monsters will grow stronger based on the number of players in the Party Area.
 If you move to a Party Area while a Chaos Dungeon Portal is open, the portal will close.
 For certain contents, you will automatically be placed in a Party/Raid after matching ends.