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Eunos Dungeons

Updated date : 2024-04-19 17:06(UTC +9)

  1. Eunos Dungeons
  2. How to Play
  3. Rewards

Eunos Dungeons

What Are Eunos Dungeons?

- The Eunos Dungeon is an underground world where powerful monsters and brilliant veins exist.

- After completing Episode 3, users can enter the Eunos Dungeon by using the Mine Car at Saluto.

- Entry materials are needed to enter the Eunos Dungeon and they can be obtained through Eunos Veins.

Entry MaterialGrade
Apollyon’s Bone (Entryway)Normal
Apollyon’s Bone (Lower Floor)Magic
Apollyon’s Bone (Middle Floor)Rare
Apollyon’s Bone (Deep Floor)Unique
Apollyon’s Bone (Abyss)Legendary

How to Play

Eunos Dungeon Areas

- The Eunos Dungeon is divided into many floors. Each floor is split up into many Vein areas, which can be explored.

- Normal, Event, Checkpoints, and Boss Areas can be accessed within the dungeon.

Each area has a Vein and Veins in 5 colors can be discovered.

The difficulty of the dungeon increases the deeper users venture into the Vein.

Special Veins or treasure chest gimmicks may appear in Event Areas.

Event AreaRewards That Could Be Obtained
Infinite VeinBlack Jewels, large amounts of currency
Treasure ChestItems that can be purchased with gold, Elements
Land of BlessingVarious buffs

- After finishing exploring each area, users can go to different areas using the Mine Car.

The Mine Car can only be used to go to nearby tiles.

At Checkpoints, users can go to other Checkpoints even if they are not nearby.

- Checkpoints are safe zones and NPC Merchant Inan, who runs a special shop, is available.

Vein Shards are needed to use NPC Merchant Inan’s shop. By breaking the ore props that appear in Eunos Dungeons, Vein Shards can be obtained by chance.

- When an area is cleared, the [Veins Mined / Veins to Reveal Boss] in Dungeon Information on the right of the screen increases, and the area where the boss is revealed when the required number is met.

The rewards obtained for defeating bosses increase according to the number of Veins completely mined.

- Eunos Dungeons are completed when the boss in the Boss Area is defeated. Users cannot move to other areas after defeating the boss.


Eunos Dungeon Rewards

- The El Dorado Map can be seen through the Mine Car and the available rewards of the selected area can be seen through the Stage Information of each area.

Depending on the area, Rune Growth Materials, various Essences, materials, and Crafting materials can be obtained by chance.

When a specific Jewel is displayed in Stage Information, that Jewel can be obtained by chance in the selected area.

- After completing Lv. 3 tiles or defeating boss monsters, the Alive Abyss Chaos Card can be obtained by chance.