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Rune Awakening

Updated date : 2023-08-30 23:48(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. Rune Awakening


 Reaching Level 78 unlocks the Rune Awakening feature.
- You can add unique additional options to Lv. 30 Legendary Skill Runes through 'Awakening'.
- The Awakening is available from Mystic Pauline in town.

Rune Awakening

 A Rune Engraving Stone can be used to select and imbue an Awakening Option to a Rune.
  • Skill Rune Engraving Stones and Link Rune Engraving Stones can be obtained by defeating monsters, playing different contents, performing Alchemy, or trading on the Auction House.
- A Rune that has already been awakened can be awakened multiple times as long as there are enough Engraving Stones.
  • Only one Awakening Option can be imbued between Source/Origin/Verity.
  • If the Awakening Option is different than the existing Awakening Option, the option is replaced. If the Awakening Option is the same as the existing Awakening Option, it rerolls the option values.
※ Awakened Runes can be used with 'Rune Transfer', but the Awakened option is lost in the process.