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Rune Types

Updated date : 2023-01-25 12:13(UTC +9)

  1. Skill Runes
  2. Link Runes
  3. Runestone

Skill Runes

 Skill Runes are hexagonal Runes that allow you to use melee, ranged, and spell skills of various effects.
 Skill Runes have Link Slots up to 6 directions where Link Runes can be equipped.
 The maximum number of Link Slots differs for each skill. The maximum slots can be viewed from the UI.
 Links Slots are divided into a total of 3 colors: Red, Green and blue.
 Special Essences can be used to enchant a Link Slot to White (Allows linking regardless of color). (▶ View White Slot Info)

 The details of a skill can be viewed from the Skill Rune Tooltips.
 Push the Share button from Tooltips to share the selected skill in Chat.
 Push the Skill Sample Video to watch a video of the skill in use without any supplementary effects.

✔ Legendary Skill Runes that have reached Level 30 or above can be 'Awakened'.
- Each Skill Rune has a predetermined set of options (Source/Origin/Verity) that can be granted through Awakening.
- The Awakening Stones required for Awakening are tradable.

Link Runes

 Link Runes are equipped in the Link Slot of Skill Runes. They are support Runes that provide various effects when connected to a Skill Rune.
 If the color and the tag of the equipped Link Rune matches the Skill Rune, the Link Rune's effect will be applied to the Skill Rune.
 Link Runes can be equipped to a Skill Rune even if their color and tag do not match. But the Link Rune's effects are not applied to the Skill Rune.
 Certain Link Runes cannot be equipped even if the color and the tags match. In such cases, the exact reason is listed on the Link Rune.


 Runestones do not have any effects by themselves. But it is able to enchant the Skill Rune equipped in 1 of the 30 Rune Cast slots.
 Each Runestone has their own unique enchantment effect, along with options to enchant the effects of a specific skill.
 Up to 3 Runestones can be equipped at once. But Runestones that enchant the same slot cannot be equipped together
 Runestones can be obtained from Raids.They cannot be enchanted individually and can be changed into a new Runestone through Alchemy Synthesis.
 Runestones are divided into Magic and Rare grades. Higher options can appear based on their level and grade.