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Bounties & The Black Market

Updated date : 2023-08-30 23:11(UTC +9)

  1. Overview
  2. Bounties
  3. The Black Market


 Bounties and the Black Market can be accessed through [Ribjaw Pirates - Morgan the Vulture] and [Stenella Pirates - Jackie the Jester] in Saluto.

  * Bounties and the Black Market are unlocked after completing the quest [Towards the Future] in Act 12.


[Bounties] involve getting a mission from one of two factions, the Ribjaw and the Stenella, to defeat a specific monster within the Chaos Dungeons.

- You can use the [Pirate Coins] obtained from Bounties to purchase Black Market goods from each faction.

- Players can complete up to 7 bounties per day, with 3 additional bounties upon using Zodiac Walker.

  * The bounty completion count can be increased up to 30 times in a day using Christen's Certificate or Rubies.

  - The Bounty list can be refreshed 2 times every day.

  * The refresh count can be increased up to 30 times in a day using Wanted Posters or Rubies.

- Bounty missions can raise or lower your Friendship with a certain faction.

- Friendship determines your [Friendship Level] with each pirate crew. Your Friendship Level affects the items that appear or the items you can purchase from each pirate NPC’s Black Market.

- Only one Bounty mission can be carried out at a time. Entering the Chaos Dungeons after accepting the mission allows you to encounter the target monster.

- For Bounties that come with Surprise Missions, players may face another elite monster that must be defeated within the time limit or some puzzle elements in the stage in addition to the target monster.

The Black Market

The [Black Market] is a special Shop where players can purchase items using Pirate Coins obtained from Bounties and Surprise Missions.

● Stenella Coin : Obtained from completing Stenella Pirate Bounties.

● Ribjaw Coin : Obtained from completing Ribjaw Pirate Bounties.

Owned Pirate Coins are reset during every new Season update.

- The Black Market sells all kinds of items including Gear, Artifacts, Charms, Essences, and various Materials.

- The selection available on the Black Market is refreshed periodically, and can also be refreshed instantly using the coins of the related faction.

 Spending coins to refresh the list instantly increases the amount of coins needed to refresh the list again. (Reset daily)

 Refreshing the list refreshes all items that are being sold at that specific shop.

- All items come with a purchase limit. Some items can only be purchased after fulfilling certain conditions.

- Items that are currently being offered can be saved using a [Deed of Promise].

Saved items are reset during every new Season update.

- The amount of Deeds of Promise spent depends on the purchase price of the item being saved.

- Up to 3 items can be saved using a Deed of Promise. 3 additional items can be saved upon using Zodiac Walker.

 The number of saved items is shared by all factions.