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Updated date : 2024-04-19 17:04(UTC +9)

  1. Introduction
  2. General Storage
  3. Exclusive Storage
  4. Temporary Storage


Items obtained in UNDECEMBER can be placed inside the Storage.
The additional slots can be used to compensate for the lacking space of your Bag and provide a better gameplay experience.

The Storage can be accessed through a Box located at each town. Items can be freely deposited and withdrawn from the Storage by using the [Access Storage] feature.

 The storage is shared by all characters on the account. Players can use the storage when moving items between characters in the same mode.
✔ By storing items in Storage, you will be able to transfer items [Shortcutbutton located on the left side of the screen when in town to easily access the Storage.

General Storage

2 General Storage tabs are provided by default. Up to 50 items can be stored in each tab.
- Up to 3 General Storage tabs can be added using [Rubies].

The General Storage can hold almost all items except for certain exceptions.
Push the item you wish to store. Then set the [Amount to be Stored] and then select [Deposit] to store the selected item in an empty space inside the Storage.

Exclusive Storage

 There are a total of 8 Exclusive Storages, including Essence, Card, Material (Alchemy/Normal/Crafting), Charm, Content Material (Chaos Dungeon/Constellation of Time), Zodiac Stone Storage, Rune Storage, and Jewel Storage. The corresponding items can be stored in each Storage

 Items stored in Exclusive Storage (Essences/Cards/Materials/Charms/Content Materials) can be used directly in various features and contents without having to take them out of the Storage.
 Certain storages can be expanded using Rubies to increase the maximum storage space.

Storage NameStored ItemSpaceExpandable
Essence Storage- Gear Essences
- Rune, Charm Essence
- [Exclusive] Gear Essences
- [Exclusive] Rune, Charm Essences
Up to 2,000 per typeO
Chaos Card Storage- 12 types of Chaos Cards
- Special Cards
Up to 100 per typeX
Material Storage- Alchemy Ingredients
- Common Materials
- Crafting Materials
Up to 3,000 per typeO
Charm Storage- 12 types of Charms
- Chaos Orbs
- Chaos Stars
Up to 100 per typeO
Content Material Storage- Chaos Dungeon Content Materials
- Constellation of Time Content Materials
Up to 3,000 per typeX
Zodiac Stone Storage- Zodiac Stones of each typeUp to 100 per typeX
Rune Storage- Skill / Link Runes
- Runestones
- Unstable Runes
Up to 100 per typeX
Jewel Storage- JewelsUp to 100O

* The [Exclusive] Essence Storage in the Essence Storage can hold [Exclusive] Gear/Rune Essences obtained from various events such as attendance.

Items that are being stored can be searched using keywords through the search bar beneath the Storage.

 Exclusive Storages are deactivated by default, and can be unlocked after purchasing with [Diamonds].
 Exclusive Storages can be purchased from the [Storagescreen or from [Paid Shop] → [Convenience].

The Exclusive Storage has a Move All button that automatically stores all owned items that can be stored in the currently activated Exclusive Storage.

This button performs Move All on all owned items that can be stored in every activated Exclusive Storage in one action.

 The essence storage has an Auto Combine Pieces feature, allowing you to combine stored essence pieces into complete essences without having to manually combine them.

Temporary Storage

At the end of a Season, Temporary Storage keeps items that you stored in the ended Season. Stored items remain until the start of the next Season.

You can use the Withdraw All button in Temporary Storage to move items up to the maximum amount that can be stored in your inventory.

You can use the Combine with Standard button in Temporary Storage to move the items in the row to your Standard Storage.

If you have more items than the max number of slots available for your Standard Storage, only the items that can fit will be combined and the rest will remain in your Temporary Storage.