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Paid Shop

Updated date : 2023-02-09 16:33(UTC +9)

  1. Paid Shop

Paid Shop

 In UNDECEMBER, you can purchase paid products to buy various items that help you with your gameplay.
- Purchasing products require currency such as 
Cash, Diamonds, Rubies, or Gold.
- Some items have a Purchase Limit, meaning they can only be purchased for a certain amount of times.
- Press the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right of each product to view the contents before making a purchase.

 Items purchased from the Paid Shop are saved in the 'Paid Shop Storage'.
Each storage is divided based on the type of currency that was required to purchase the item.
Press the 'Receive' button in the storage to send the item(s) to the bag. Received items can no longer be canceled.
- Items in storage have a storage period. Once the storage period expires, the item is deleted and cannot be reissued.

 Some products that are purchased with Rubies or Gold are sent directly to the bag instead of going through the Paid Shop Storage.

 Diamonds can be exchanged for Rubies. Rubies are used in the Paid Shop as well as the in-game Auction House to trade items with other users. However, Rubies cannot be exchanged back into Diamonds.