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Rune Growth

Updated date : 2023-01-25 12:29(UTC +9)

  1. Rune Growth

Rune Growth

 Skill and Link Runes can be leveled up from Mystic Pauline in town.

 Gold and Elements are required to grow Runes.
- Elements are divided into 5 types of 
- If the selected Rune and the material elements have matching colors, 
Additional EXP is granted.
- Earth and Light elements provide additional EXP to Runes of all colors.
- Gold is not required when using Light elements to level up.
- Elements can be obtained through hunting, disassembling grown Runes and as rewards from other gameplay contents.

 Grown Runes can be used as materials to transfer EXP to another Rune.
- 100% of the EXP is transferred between Runes of the same color, but only 80% of the EXP is transferred to Runes of a different color.
The Runes grade and Link Slots are not transferred. If you wish to transfer the Runes grade and Link Slots as well, they must be transferred through Alchemy. (▶ Move to 'Transferring' Page)
 If the stat requirement from the Runes increased level is higher than your current stats, Runes cannot be leveled up.

 If the Rune is not equipped, the above message will be displayed. Please be aware that you will be able to proceed with the level up, but it will not be available for equip.