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Training Arena

Updated date : 2024-01-23 16:24(UTC +9)

  1. Training Area

Training Area

 You can enter the Training Arena by using Waypoints from town.
 The Training Arena has stationary monsters that can be used to analyze your combat abilities.
 From a Waypoint, select the Training Arena icon at the bottom-right side of the World Map to enter.

 Upon entering the Training Arena, you will find 3 Scarecrows with the same level as you.
 You are free to change your current Gear and Runes by accessing the Storage, Bag or Rune Cast.
  All Potions and Elixirs will be used from your Bag, just like in the fields.

 Use the Gear icon on the Training Arena Panel on the right to edit the monster type, level, and number of placed Scarecrows.
- In addition to the Scarecrows, players can also set monsters of various grades and boss monsters that appear in stages.

   Only one boss monster can appear at a time.


Enable the [Check Distance] setting under [Additional Option] to view the distance between your character and the monster.
  Slight errors may occur depending on the environment.

 Upon pushing Start,3 second countdown will begin. After the countdown ends, all of the damage dealt to the Scarecrows will be recorded.
- After 
1 minute passes, the analyzed combat information will be displayed.
- All of the used 
Skills, Damage, Hit Count and Critical Hits can be viewed from the combat info.
- Push 'Save Record
to save the highest damaging skills DPS and target monster info to My Info.
 Push 'Previous Record to view the combat info from the previous session of 1 minute analysis.

 Challenge the rankings by pressing ‘Ranking Challenge’ and selecting Physical, Element, or Summon.
- The number of Scarecrows and level are predetermined in the challenge.