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Season Mode Guide

Season Mode Introduction

Updated date : 2024-04-19 17:12(UTC +9)

  1. What is Season Mode?
  2. Season Mode Benefits
  3. Season Mode: Hardcore

What is Season Mode?

■ What is 'Season Mode'?
Season Mode is a Game Mode that can be selected during character creation. Characters that select Season Mode get to play UNDECEMBER in a separate environment.
Certain features and Contents of Season Mode such as the Mailbox, Storage, Auction House, Guild, and Events take place separately from Standard Mode.
You can only create a Season Mode character while Season Mode is underway. Once the Season is over, Season Mode characters are converted to Standard Mode characters.

Season Mode Benefits

- Season Mode Characters are provided with exclusive Season Mode content during the Season.

  : Players can obtain various items that help with growth through Achievements, as well as Season Titles and Special Costumes.

  : Players who are listed in the Season Rankings at the end of the Season can obtain Ranking Coins, which can be used to purchase Special Appearance Rewards.

Season Mode: Hardcore

■ What is ‘Hardcore Mode’?

Hardcore Mode is a mode for skilled Rune Hunters where only 3 lives are given.

Combat content becomes limited once you use up all 3 lives in Hardcore Mode.

You can only select Hardcore Mode in Season Mode.

Gameplay Rules Upon Death

 Lives that are lost while playing Hardcore Mode due to character death cannot be restored. [Link to Operational Policy]

However, lives in Hardcore Mode can be recovered by using the item, Book of Life, which is sold once a month at NPC Brown’s General Shop. Used items cannot be changed or recovered.

Lives are not lost when playing special content, and are only lost when playing normal content. Your play of combat content will become limited once you use up all your lives.

Special Content: Void Rift, Raids, Spire of Barrier, Crusade of Glory

You can still use other non-combat content, including Guilds, Storage, Chat, and the Auction House, even once you have lost all your lives.

Hardcore Mode Buffs

- The following buff effects are granted for Hardcore Mode:

Rune EXP Bonus +80%

Relic EXP Bonus +100%

Item Drop Chance +30%

Item Drop Rarity +50%