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Beginner Guide

Beginning of Your Journey

Updated date : 2023-08-30 23:02(UTC +9)

  1. Sand Walker in Trouble
  2. Crash Landing Survivor
  3. Beginning of Your Journey

Sand Walker in Trouble

■ Sand Walker in Trouble

- You wake up on a chaotic Sand Walker under attack by the Dimps while traveling with Pan to Malo Front, the forward base of Aphros in Bellatus.

- You must search for Pan across the deck of the Sand Walker while helping the crew such as Felix, Angus, and Kuchen fight against the attacking Dimps.

- You find Pan at the bow of the Sand Walker and use the Ballista to stop the Dimps’ Sand Walker. However, the two Sand Walkers crash into each other, stranding you in Malo Canyon.

Crash Landing Survivor

■ Crash Landing Survivor

- You miraculously survive the crash, but you must now break through Malo Canyon to reach your destination of Malo Front.

- You defeat Dimp Boss Souk at the entrance of Malo Front and introduce yourself to the guard at the gate,

  but your victory over Souk causes the Wasteland Bandits to attack Malo Front, starting a whole new set of problems.

Beginning of Your Journey

■ Malo Front

- Your story begins as you enter the Yellow Wastelands to help Malo Front deal with the threat of the Dimps and the Wasteland Bandits.

- We hope you enjoy the grand journey of UNDECEMBER, meeting powerful enemies and new allies across countless acts from Episode 1 Malo Front to Episode 3!