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Beginner Guide

Zodiac Guide for Beginners

Updated date : 2023-08-30 22:55(UTC +9)

  1. What is the [Zodiac]?
  2. How Should I Use My Stat Points?
  3. How Should I Use My Trait Points?
  4. Tell Me About Zodiac Specialization!

What is the [Zodiac]?

- The Zodiac is where a Rune Hunter can choose their Stats and Traits. The Zodiac can increase the selection of Gear that can be equipped, and enhance the effectiveness of your Skillset.

- The Zodiac is divided into Zodiac Stats and Zodiac Traits.

  Zodiac Stats are composed of Strength (HP, Armor)Dexterity (Hit Rate, Dodge Rate)Intelligence (Mana, Barrier).

  Zodiac Traits are composed of 9 Normal Traits from I to IX and 8 Specialization (I~III) routes.

- Your character gains 5 Zodiac Stat Points per level. These points can be invested in Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence on the Zodiac Stat Screen.

- Your character gains 1 Zodiac Trait Point per level starting at level 10. Trait points are used to activate Zodiac Trait Nodes.

  * Starting from Act 2, players can also use the Stardust of Advancement item that can be obtained while questing during each Act to obtain 1 additional Trait point per use.

     : Starting from Episode 3, players can participate in Challenge Difficulty to obtain the Stardust of Evolution item for an additional source of Trait points.

How Should I Use My Stat Points?

- It is important to invest your Stat points according to the Skill Runes and Stat Requirements of the Gear you wish to equip.

   Example 1) Flames of Death Lv. 31 (Required Lv. 76, Required Intelligence 227)

     : In order to equip Flames of Death Lv. 31, your character’s Intelligence needs to be at least 227.

   Example 2) Unique Gear Pokeweed Shell (Required Lv. 69, Required Strength 193)

     : In order to equip Pokeweed Shell, your character’s Strength needs to be at least 193.

- In some cases, Zodiac Stat Points alone may not be enough to satisfy all the requirements for the various Skills, Gear, or special options that you wish to use.

- You can find ways to satisfy these requirements by utilizing the Unique Stats of Accessories and Unique Gear,

  as well as Prefix/Suffix Options of gear, Authority Options, and Legendary Options.

- Additionally, Orbs can permanently increase your stats, giving a maximum of 70 extra Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

  * Orbs can be created through Alchemy using materials after unlocking the relevant formula, or purchased from the Auction House.

     : The success chance of Orbs gradually decrease depending on the number of successes so far.

How Should I Use My Trait Points?

- It is important to use your Zodiac Trait Points to activate the Nodes that are related to your Skills’ Tags and Damaging Element.

   Example 1) Fire Ball (Tags: Spell, Area of Effect, Strike, Fire, Projectile)

     : Is affected by Nodes related to DMG, Element DMG, Spell DMG, Cast Speed, Spell Hit Rate, Area of Effect /Area DMG, Strike DMG, Fire DMG/Penetration, Projectile Count/DMG.

   Example 2) Fan Blade Sentry (Tags: Attack, Sentry)

     : Is affected by Nodes related to Sentry DMG, Sentry Attack Speed, Sentry Hit Rate, Sentry HP, Sentry Element Resist, Sentry Duration.

- Additionally, it is important to activate the Nodes that complement the Defensive Stats you prefer to ensure Survivability.

   Example 1) Barrier

     : Is affected by Nodes related to Barrier +%, Barrier Charge Cycle Recovery Speed +%, Barrier on Kill, n% Max Barrier Regen/Sec upon charging Barrier.

   Example 2) Dodge Rate

     : Is affected by Nodes related to Dodge Rate +%, Attack Dodge Rate +%, Spell Dodge Rate +%, Dodge Rate per n Movement Speed +%, n% Dodge Rate Amplification at Full HP.

Tell Me About Zodiac Specialization!

The Zodiac Traits [Specialization I ~ III] contain Nodes that can heavily influence Skills of a certain Tag or Damaging Element.

  Therefore, it is important to invest your points in Specialization Traits extra carefully to maximize your build’s effectiveness.

- Up to 7 points can be used for Specialization I and II. Up to 9 points can be used for Specialization III.

  * Using the Stardust of Evolution obtained from Challenge Difficulty can increase the Trait point limit of Specialization I and II from 7 → 9 points.

- Specialization Traits can increase the number of projectiles for Projectile Tag Skills, or raise the maximum number of Abysslings or Sentries you can summon.

  They also offer exclusive Special Effect Nodes that can be activated to apply effects such as OverpowerSharpness, and Convert Mana to your character, so you should make sure you invest in Specialization Traits whenever you can.