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Season Mode Guide

Season Mode Content

Updated date : 2023-08-30 22:35(UTC +9)

  1. Season Challenges
  2. Ranking Shop

Season Challenges

- Season Mode characters can carry out [Season Challenges] from the event tab during the Season.

- Completing challenges awards Points. Reaching a certain amount of points unlocks rewards from the bottom of the screen.

Season Challenges are shared on a Season Mode account basis, and rewards from points can only be obtained once per account.

- Players can obtain Titles and Special Costumes that are exclusive to Season Mode through Season Challenges.

Ranking Shop

- Season Mode features a [Season Ranking] that only Season characters can participate in.

: Players can obtain [Ranking Coins] as rewards from the Season Rankings.
: Season Rankings are calculated during the Season. Records are reset at the end of the Season.

Once the Season is over, players can use their Ranking Coins at the [Ranking Shop] from Ore Collector Joyce in town.

- The Ranking Shop sells special items such as Speech Bubbles, Damage Skins, Medallions, Emojis, Pets, and Costumes.