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Descent Raid

Updated date : 2023-01-25 14:40(UTC +9)

  1. What are Descent Raids?
  2. Descent Raid Rewards

What are Descent Raids?

✔ Descent Raid

- Descent Raids are special raid content that can only be accessed during certain times.

- Once players can enter the raid, a system message will be displayed within the game.

- The required level for entering the Descent Raid is [Lv. 80] and the party size is 8 players.

- Players can challenge the boss by creating a raid or matching once the raid is available.

✔ Shadow Mirror Completion

- Collect Shadow Mirror Shards and complete the Shadow Mirror to receive rewards upon clearing the Descent Raid.

- Players can still defeat the boss without completing the Shadow Mirror, but they won’t be able to receive a Clear Reward.

* Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained from [Episode 3] stages or the Chaos Dungeons.
* You cannot obtain any more Shadow Mirror Shards once the Shadow Mirror is fully completed.

Descent Raid Rewards

✔ Additional Rewards

- Defeating the Descent Raid Boss can grant additional rewards such as [DMG Reward] and [Clear Reward].

┗ DMG Reward - obtained depending on the highest Total DMG record from your encounters.

┗ Clear Reward - obtained by repeatedly defeating the Descent boss after completing the Shadow Mirror.

[ Precautions ]

※ Descent Raid Rewards can be changed or altered at a later date.

※ Raid rewards that are not received during the Descent Raid Reward period will disappear once the allowed time is over.