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Updated date : 2023-02-08 17:32(UTC +9)

  1. Basic Information
  2. Auto Potion Settings
  3. Dropping Items
  4. Identifying Items
  5. Favorites
  6. Item Sharing

Basic Information

 The Bag is a common space to store various items obtain from battles and other contents. Either push the Bag icon next to the quick slots or use the Hotkey I to open the Bag.
 Opening the Bag will also bring up your Character Info as well.
 Initially, there are 150 Bag spaces available. The Paid Currency [Diamond] can be used to expand the Bag up to 300 spaces.
Check the info of items in your Bag.
Push to categorize items into All / Gear / Rune / Consumable / Other(Materials) / Chaos Cards.
The item's display filter can be adjusted for your Bag.

Auto Potion Settings

 You can register up to 4 Consumables into the Quick Slots and set them to be used automatically. The auto use conditions can be set differently for each slot.
- HP: Used when HP falls below the set percentage (%).
- Mana: Used when Mana falls below the set percentage (%).
- Time: Used when the set time passes after cooldown ends.
- Use upon Status Effect: Used when affected by the Status Effect that applies to the equipped potion.
 Push the Auto Use button again to disable the Auto Use feature.
 Push the Calculator icon located to the right of each category to directly enter the exact values of conditions.

Dropping Items

 You can drop items on the ground to get rid of unwanted items.
 Multiple Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique/Legendary items can be selected at once and dropped.
 Please be aware that once an item is dropped, they will not be compensated and cannot be recovered.

Identifying Items

 Unidentified Items (Marked with ?obtained through battles can have their option be identified by using Identification Scrolls.
 Multiple Magic/Rare/Unique/Legendary items can be selected at once and identified.
 Gear items have a higher chance of having enchant options of better tiers than other items when identified. However, enchanting an identified item shares the same chances as other items.
 Identification can be done wherever an item can be selected individually. (Chaos Statue Registration, Alchemy Synthesis, Storage Use etc.)


 Gear, Runes, Charms and Chaos Cards can be registered in Favorites.
 Items registered as Favorites will always show up at the top of the list.
 Actions that will delete any items, such as Disassemble, Drop, Sell, Usage as Rune Growth Material, Auction House Registration, Alchemy and Chaos Statue Use will be limited for registered items.
 Items registered as Favorites will remain marked even when put into the Storage.
 Items registered as Favorites can be removed from the Remove tab.

Item Sharing

Item info of currently equipped gear or other items in your Bag can be shared in chat.
 Select an item and push the Share button to share the items info in chat.
 Selecting the items name from chat will display the detailed info of the item.