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Prime Ministers

Updated date : 2024-01-31 17:46(UTC +9)

  1. About Prime Ministers
  2. Voting
  3. Prime Minister’s Authorities
  4. Prime Minister Content Related Schedule

About Prime Ministers

Prime ministers manage national policies and are elected through the votes of all Admirals.

Admirals can directly vote for prime ministers or run for prime minister.

Due to the addition of the prime minister system, prime minister related functions have been added to [Menu] – [Nation].

Also, certain activities will be restricted with the addition of the prime minister system.

 - Immigration will be restricted from Saturday, 23:30 to Sunday, 00:30 of the week an election is held.

 - City investments will be restricted during certain times on Saturday and Sunday. 


Prime minister votes are held once every two weeks. 

Prime minister votes are consisted of the candidate registration period and the voting period.

Candidate Registration

Candidates can only be registered during the week when a vote is held, and the candidate registration periods are as below.

 - Sunday 00:00 – Sunday 23:30

 - Monday 00:30 – Tuesday 23:59

To accurately calculate the ballots, investing in cities will be restricted at the following time.

 - Saturday 23:30 – Sunday 00:30

 - Sunday 23:30 – Monday 00:30


Only mayors can be registered as prime minister candidates of their home nation.

If a mayor loses their position as mayor, they will also lose their position as a prime minister candidate.

(This also includes mayors who lose their position due to immigrating or withdrawing their account.)

When registering a candidate, all ballots that you own will be exchanged to national budget and donated.

8 pledges can be designated, and all 8 pledges must be registered to register a candidate.

Pledges are consisted of 4 Target Pledges and 4 Effect Pledges and Effect Pledges require Pledge Costs.

Pledges can be changed freely during the candidate registration period, but Pledge Costs are needed to change pledges and spent Pledge Costs are not refunded.

 - When Target Pledges are achieved, all users in a nation can obtain rewards when a prime minister’s term ends.

 - Effect Pledges are applied to all users in a nation during a prime minister’s term if the user that registered the Effect Pledge is elected.

Pledge Effects

Target Pledges

Pledge NameTypeDescription
Bribe Designated Limited AreaInvestmentInvest Ducats in a designated Limited Area.
Bribe Designated CityInvestmentInvest Ducats in a designated city.
Conciliate Designated CityInvestmentMake a designated city an Allied Port.
Occupy Designated Limited AreaLimited Area ShareOccupy a designated Limited Area.
Seal Designated Limited AreaLimited Area ShareMonopolize a designated Limited Area.
Conciliate Designated CityLimited Area ShareMake a designated city an Allied Port.
Best NationRankAchieve Nation Rank 1.
Powerful NationRankAchieve Nation Rank 2 or higher.
Developing NationRankAchieve Nation Rank 3 or higher.
Wealthy NationFundObtain a certain amount of total National Funds during the term.
Very Wealthy NationFundObtain a certain amount of total National Funds during the term.

Effect Pledges

Pledge NameTypeEffectEffect Description
Royal Court’s Nautical TechniqueSailingIncrease Fleet SpeedIncrease Speed of Fleet 1.
Royal Court’s Secret KnowledgeSailingFleet’s All Additional EXP%Increase EXP gain of Fleet 1.
Secrets of CombatSailingIncrease ExpertiseIncrease Combat Expertise.
Secrets of TradeSailingIncrease ExpertiseIncrease Trade Expertise.
Secrets of ExplorationSailingIncrease ExpertiseIncrease Exploration Expertise.
Rapid ExplorationAdventureIncrease Fast Land Exploration Entrance CountIncrease Fast Land Exploration Entrance Count.
Abundant ExplorationAdventureAdditional Gain% on Obtaining ResourceIncrease additional resource gain.
Dispatch GuardAdventureExploration Combat PowerIncrease Exploration Combat Power.
Dispatch Royal ScholarAdventureExploration ObservationIncrease Exploration Observation.
Dispatch ArtisanAdventureExploration Gathering PowerIncrease Exploration Gathering Power.
Increase Ducat PurityTradeSales Surcharge%Increase Trade Goods Sales Surcharge.
Threatening FlagTradeIncrease Negotiation Success ChanceIncrease Negotiation Success Chance.
Trustworthy FlagTradeTrade Points Standard Decrease%Decrease Trade Points Standard.
Friendly FlagTradeTarget Trade Goods Gain%Increase trade goods gain amount from Barter Target.
Secrets of SavingTradeDiscount%Decrease trade goods purchase cost.
Offensive Tactics TrainingCombatAmplify All Additional AttackIncrease Artillery, Melee, and Ram Attack.
Defensive Tactics TrainingCombatAmplify All Additional DefenseIncrease Artillery, Melee, and Ram Defense.
Charge Tactics TrainingCombatAmplify All Critical ChanceIncrease Artillery, Melee, and Ram Critical Chance.
Tactics Mathematics TrainingCombatIncrease All Additional AccuracyIncrease Artillery and Melee Accuracy.
Evasive Formation TrainingCombatIncrease All Additional EvasionIncrease Artillery and Melee Evasion.

Voting Period

Voting is held from Wednesday, 00:00 to Saturday, 23:30 on the week a vote is held.

The voting method is as follows.

 - 1 ballot is given for every 500 total Investment Points owned currently.

 - Ballots can only be cast for 1 candidate.

 - Additional ballots are given if the Total Investment Point increases during the voting period. If ballots have been cast for a candidate, the additional ballots are automatically cast for that candidate.

 - Once the calculation is complete after the voting period is over, small rewards are given to users who voted.

 - If a user loses their nationality due to immigrating or withdrawing their account during the voting period, the votes that they cast will be invalidated.


The user that gets the most votes out of the candidates will be elected. (Does not apply to candidates who receive 0 votes.)

When candidates receive the same number of votes, the Admiral that meets the following criteria will be elected.

1. The Admiral with the higher Investment Point

2. When the candidates have the same amount of points, the Admiral that has the higher LV

3. When the candidates have the same LV, the Admiral that is the mayor of more cities

4. When the candidates are the mayor of the same number of cities, the Admiral that created their ID earlier

The elected Admiral will be inaugurated as prime minister from Sunday, 00:30 once the calculations are complete.

 - A prime minister's term is 14 days.

 - The elected prime minister can obtain weekly pay every 7 days of their term.

 - Weekly pay is a set portion of a nation’s total tax.

 - The weekly pay ratio will be able to be set within the weekly pay budget when the government post system is added.

 - Prime ministers who lose their position as mayor due to immigrating or withdrawing their account during their tenure as prime minister, will lose their position as prime minister.

Prime Minister’s Authorities

Prime ministers can implement national policies.


There are 4 types of policies in total and each type has 20 levels.


Policy Levels

 - National budget is spent to raise the policy level. The budget spent increases the higher the Nation Rank is.

Maintaining Policies

 - Budget is spent as policy maintenance costs every day to keep the policy level. Policy maintenance costs are calculated every day at 00:00.

 - The maintenance costs spent increase the higher the Nation Rank is.

 - When there are insufficient maintenance costs, the policy level decreases from the highest level to the level where the maintenance cost can be paid.

Policies are reset to LV 1 every time a prime minister takes office (every 2 weeks).

When a prime minister loses their position mid-term, policy levels decrease by 2 before being applied.

Policy Effect

LevelSailing and GrowthAdventureTradeCombat
LV1Increase Rat Outbreak, Insanitation, Scurvy, Plague, and Decay Prevention Rate.Increase Amity gained from gifting.Discount purchase price when purchasing Food, Seasoning, Livestock, Medicine, and Sundries.Increase Additional Artillery Accuracy.
LV2Decrease Mate Injury Recovery Time.Increase Fame gain value when reporting Discoveries to Estates.Increase Max Sales Set Multiplier limit.Increase Additional Melee Accuracy.
LV3Decrease Sailing Hindrance Effect when lacking Rowing value.Decrease Land Exploration food and water consumption.Increase Negotiation Occurrence Chance.Increase Additional Melee Defense.
LV4Decrease Supply Cost.Increase High-grade Fish Species Discovery Chance.Overcharge sales price when selling Food, Seasoning, Livestock, Medicine, and Sundries.Increase Additional Artillery Defense.
LV5Decrease Insurance Cost.Increase Currency gain value when reporting Resources to Estates.Overcharge all Trade Goods sales price.Decrease all Critical Damage Received.
LV6Increase Combat Expertise of Company.Increase Land Exploration CP.Discount purchase price when purchasing Dye, Ore, Wares, Luxuries, and Textiles.Increase Additional Ram Defense.
LV7Increase Fire, Seaweed, Reef, Leaking, and Great Fire Prevention Rate.Increase Land Exploration OBS.Increase Max Sales Set Multiplier limit.Increase Seal Action Immunity Rate.
LV8Increase Quarreling, Mutiny, Fallen Cargo, and Stolen Cargo Prevention Rate.Increase Fame gain value when reporting Resources to Estates.Overcharge sales price when selling Liquor, Fabric, Crafts, Weapons, and Firearms.Increase Additional Artillery Attack.
LV9Gain Additional Fame.Increase Land Exploration Gathering Power.Increase Trade Goods Gain Amount from Barter Target.Decrease direct Ram damage received.
LV10Gain Additional Adventure, Trade, and Combat EXP.Increase Advanced grade exploration occurrence chance during explorations.Decrease Profit Standard regarding Trade Points Occurrence.Decrease Mobility Consumption.
LV11Increase Frustration, Homesickness, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Hypothermia Prevention Rate.Decrease Amity Reduction when looting.Discount purchase price when purchasing Liquor, Fabric, Crafts, Weapons, and Firearms.Increase Additional Artillery Evasion.
LV12Decrease Mate Injury Chance.Decrease purchase price of exploration items.Decrease Amity consumption requirement on Barter Price and Quantity Negotiation.Increase Incoming Hit Immunity Rate.
LV13Increase Trade Expertise of Company.Decrease Crew Casualty Rate during Land and Village Exploration.Increase Negotiation Success Chance.Increase Additional Ram Attack.
LV14Increase required time for Mate Loyalty Decrease.Increase Currency gain value when reporting Discoveries to Estates.Discount sales price when purchasing Dye, Ore, Wares, Luxuries, and Textiles.Increase Additional Melee Evasion.
LV15Gain Additional EXP.Increase fishing skill.Overcharge all Trade Goods sales price.Gain Additional Combat EXP.
LV16Increase Storm, Snowstorm, Hurricane, Becalmed, and Frostbite Prevention Rate.Gain Additional Adventure EXP.Discount purchase price when purchasing Metal, Perfume, Jewelry, Artwork, and Spice.Decrease direct Artillery damage received.
LV17Increase Rogue Wave, Magnetic Anomaly, Siren, Man-eating Shark, and Whale Collision Prevention Rate.Increase Advanced grade exploration occurrence chance during explorations.Gain Additional Trade EXP.Decrease direct Melee damage received.
LV18Increase Exploration Expertise of Company.Increase resource gain amount from Land Explorations.Overcharge sales price when purchasing Metal, Perfume, Jewelry, Artwork, and Spice.Increase Additional Melee Attack.
LV19Decrease Food and Water consumption while sailing.Increase Land Exploration Training Entrance Count.Decrease Profit Standard regarding Trade Points Occurrence.Increase all Critical Resist.
LV20Increase Sailing Speed.Gain additional resources from Exploration and Fishing.Increase Barter Count.Increase Ship Capture Rate after combat.

※ Content that additional budget could be obtained from, such as national missions, will be updated, and this may cause the amount of budget spent for policies to change.


Policy levels can be raised and maintained with the national budget.

National budget can be obtained through the following methods.

 - Budget donation

 - 5% of a nation’s total capital, territory, and ally port taxes

The budget conversion ratio can be changed according to the national status.


Donating Budget

Users in a nation can increase the budget by donating Ducats.

If there are a small number of total users in the server when the Ducats are converted to budget, the Ducats are converted into more budget.

Donations can only be made from 00:30 - 23:30 every day.

Government Post

Prime ministers can appoint citizens to government posts by approving their applications.

Only mayors can be appointed to certain government posts.


Users appointed to government posts receive benefits according to their position during their term.

Benefits include tax reductions, being displayed on the docking screen and minimap, and costumes, and the benefits are applied differently according to the government post. (Tax reduction and display benefits will be added in future updates.)

Government Post Information

DepartmentPost NameNumber of People
Prime MinisterPrime Minister1
AdministrationVice Prime Minister1 (Only open to mayors)
Executive Official3
MilitaryImperator1 (Only open to mayors)
Chief of Staff3
Foreign MinistryAmbassador1 (Only open to mayors)


Prime ministers can gift cheers to all users of a nation using Ducats or Red Gems.

Each item can only be purchased once during a term.

Prime Minister Content Related Schedule

See below for the general schedule of prime minister related content.

Details are available within the game.

Prime Minister Related Schedule

■ Week 1 of Prime Minister’s Term

 - Prime minister’s term starts on Sunday 00:30

■ Week 2 of Prime Minister’s Term

 - Candidate registration period starts on Sunday 00:00

 - Candidate registration period ends on Tuesday 23:59

 - Voting starts on Wednesday 00:00

 - Voting ends on Saturday 23:30 and the previous prime minister’s term ends


Certain contents are not available during certain times due to prime minister content.

Please refer to the table below for more details.

Unavailable Content Schedule Table

Atlantic Ocean,

Blue Ocean,

Indian Ocean,

Pacific Ocean,

Utopia  Ocean

Saturday 23:30 – Sunday 00:30

(Only during the week when a vote takes place)

Sunday 23:30 – Monday 00:30

23:30 ~ 00:30

Investment unavailable

Investment unavailable

Increasing policy level unavailable

Immigration unavailable

 (Only during the week when a vote takes place)

Candidate registration unavailable

Changing candidate information unavailable

Voting unavailable

Donation unavailable

Obtaining rewards related to voting unavailable

 The game guide may not be up to date. The most recent game related information is available in-game.