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Anne Bonny

Updated date : 2023-04-26 16:32(UTC +9)

  1. Anne Bonny
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Anne Bonny

The great pirate captain, Anne Bonny’s grand venture to find treasure island


In the golden age of Caribbean piracy in the 18th century, the notorious female pirate Anne Bonny reunites with her old friend John Rackham and forms a new pirate crew.

The crew grows quickly, but soon they incur the wrath of the great pirate Charles Vane and cannot avoid a fight. With the help of the pirate Mary Read, Anne Bonny's crew emerges victorious in battle and acquires half of a treasure map as spoils.

For Anne, who dreams of finding the treasure island, the treasure map is an unparalleled motivation. Despite the mockery of those who do not believe in the treasure, Anne leads her crew on a long journey to find the treasure island recorded on the map of the unknown.

However, trials always follow those who strive to achieve their dreams.

Various hardships come before Anne Bonny, but her crew continues to move forward without losing sight of their true goal.

Engage in countless battles with enemies while exploring the uncharted waters.

Can Anne fulfill her dream of finding the treasure island in the face of the harsh reality?

Join Anne Bonny and her close friend, Mary Read on their journey to find the legendary treasure island.

[Historical Background]

Anne Bonny was a real female pirate in history who operated in the Caribbean in the early 18th Century.

She met John Rackham, a pirate captain, in Nassau and became a pirate while she disguised herself as a man.

During her time as a pirate, she met fellow pirate Mary Read, and after they both confessed to each other that they were both women, they became close companions.

Anne was known for her bravery, even more so than many men, and fought alongside Mary even until they were captured by Jonathan Barnet.

Focus: Combat

Job: Nassau Pirate

Born as a pirate who never backs down from a fight, Anne Bonny possesses powerful melee skills that can knock down any enemy who stands in her way.

Specialized Expertise

Support: She can use repair and medical skills to greatly restore ally durability or crew.

Melee: Anne can increase the Attack, Accuracy, and Critical Hit Rate of Melee Attacks, allowing for greater damage with Melee. She can also increase her Defense and Evasion against Melee Attacks, reducing damage taken from enemy Melee Attacks.

Language: English LV3, Arawakan LV3

Starting City: Caribbean Sea / Bahamas / Nassau

Voice Actor: Sarah Williams

Admiral’s Order

Immense Charge
Increase Additional Melee Attack by 30 % of all allies, and decrease Mobility of the hit target by 15%
Attack by all allies always hits and increase Accuracy and damage by 27.7%.
Eyeing Goods
Increase Purchase Quantity by 10 of Trade Goods for 10 m.
Sail Handling
Increase Fleet Speed by 2 knots for 1 h.


Melee: Ignore
Ignore Defense of taget by 15% and deal 100% of Melee Damage.
Wild Melee:
Damage surrounding for 125% of Melee Attack, with a 25% chance to afflict Poison for 3 turns. (Poison: Damage Crew HP by 13.5% every turn, Max : 300 every turn)
An absolute counterattack that never misses.


Amplify Melee
Increase Additional Melee Attack by 5%.
Amplify Melee
Increase Additional Melee Defense by 5.3%.
Enhanced Melee
Increase Counterattack Damage by 5.3% before getting hit.
Fixed damage on
Melee Attacks
14.4% chance of additional 4 Fixed Damage is added on Melee Attack.
Confusion Melee
2.6% chance to inflict enemy with Confusion status for 1 turn on Melee Attack.
Amplify Mobility
Recovery at start
35.2% chance to recover Mobility by 6.1% at start of turn.
Defense Ignoring
35.2% chance of ignoring Defense by 12.2% when Melee Attack is used.
Ignore Melee
Negate incoming damage with 2.6% chance when hit by Melee Attack.
Increase Additional Melee Critical Damage by 0.3%.

Chronicles Mates

Mary Read
English LV3,
Indigenous Caribbean LV2
John Rackham
English LV2,
Indigenous Caribbean LV1
Howell Davis
English LV4,
Indigenous Caribbean LV4

Notable Mates

Mary Read

"I don't believe in treasure. There's no way such a thing exists."

A seasoned female pirate with a wealth of experience.

Having lived the life of a sailor since she was young, Mary has survived the perilous life of a pirate with her exceptional swordsmanship and tactics.

However, Mary is now tired. Under the pirate captain Charles Vane, who was also her lover, she did her best to protect him, but what awaited her was betrayal. Angry at this, Mary allied with Anne Bonny and took down Vane, a common enemy.

Mary's passion for the sea has dwindled. In such a state, Anne Bonny proposes an adventure to find the treasure island. Although she doesn't completely believe in Anne's dream, Mary feels a sense of healing and once again boards a ship.

[Historical Background]

In real history, Mary Read was a female pirate who operated in the Caribbean in the early 18th century.

She started her life at sea as a disguised boy and joined the pirate crew of John Rackham, where she met Anne Bonny.

Sharing the secret of being both women, the two pirates became close friends and fought together under the command of Rackham.

Mary never abandoned Anne, even when they were both captured by pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet.

Focus: Combat

Job: Commando

As an experienced pirate, Mary has a powerful technique that is useful in melee.

If she works with her close friend Anne Bonny, they can unleash a terrifying force in battle.

Language: English LV3, Indigenous Caribbean LV2

Specialized Expertise

Support: Mary can use repair or medical skills to greatly recover ally’s durability or crew.

Melee: Mary can deal large damage to her enemies with increased Melee attack, Accuracy, and Critical Rat. She can also reduce damage coming from Melee attacks by increasing Melee defense and Evade.

Voice Actor: Kayli Mills

John Rackham

"Please, let's just play it safe!"

Famous Caribbean pirate known by the nickname Calico Jack.

He became a well-known pirate thanks to his luck, but he is a coward who is far from courageous.

John, who thought his luck was running out, was actually preparing to retire as a subordinate under the pirate captain, Charles Vane.

However he runs into his old colleague, Anne Bonny, and that’s when his plans to live a long and peaceful life was ruined.

[Historical Background]

John Rackham, also known as Calico Jack, was a famous Caribbean pirate captain who led Anne Bonny and Mary Read as his crew members in real history. He had a romantic relationship with Anne Bonny and was a relatively successful pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Although he was lucky enough to overcome many crises, he was eventually arrested by pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet and sentenced to death. In his final moments, unlike Anne and Mary who fought bravely, John Rackham showed cowardice by hiding in the ship's hold.

Focus: Trade

Job: Liquor Merchant

Despite being a pirate, John is more interested in taking care of the loot than fighting.

He is particularly skilled in trading rum.

Language: English LV2, Indigenous Caribbean LV1

Specialized Expertise

Purchasing: John allows you to purchase trade goods at a cheaper price and increase the discount rate on successful negotiations.

Sales: John can sell trade goods at a higher price and raise the surcharge rate on successful negotiations.

Voice Actor: Chris Hackney