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Beginner Guide

I Can't Read the NPC's Words!

Updated date : 2023-03-03 15:45(UTC +9)

  1. Language Basics
  2. Language Training
  3. Language Type

Language Basics

Uncharted Waters Origin features many different continents and nations. Naturally, the Language is a very important element of the game.

If you cannot speak the language of a city you are visiting, you cannot understand what people say to you. It means a variety of city facilities become unavailable to you, granting you access only to the basics like Supply, Repair, and Recruit Crew.


Other than being able to speak and understand a language, if you have a high Language LV, you can enter more favorable trades.

Language LV ranges from LV 1 to LV 5, and a higher LV offers greater benefits.

Language Training

To acquire a language skill, you must first recruit a Mate who has the language skill and assign them to Fleet No.1 to activate the skill.

Unlike other skills that get bonuses when there are multiple Mates who have the same skill, the Language LV is equal only to the Language LV of the Mate with the highest Language LV in the Fleet.


You can view the list of languages a Mate speaks when you hire them at the Inn. All Mates, including Admirals, can speak at least one language. In rare cases, they speak two or more languages.

You can view the Fleet's Language Skills by going to [Menu] - [Fleet] - [Languages Known]

For example, if you wish to sail the North Sea, you must have mates who are skilled at speaking English or Dutch. If you wish to sail the Black Sea, you must take someone who speaks Ottoman with you.

Language Type

Normally, an Admiral can speak their mother tongue up to LV 4 and another language up to LV 2.

If you want to see other Mates who speak the language you want to search for, go to [Menu] - [Mates] - [Filter Search].


It is imperative that you pay attention to the main language of your final destination and other cities you will stop by, because you cannot access all features of a city unless you have Mates who speak its main language.

Though it is a rare case, when you happen to be at a city where you cannot speak its language, you can go to the Inn to hire a Mate who speaks the language you need to solve the problem. However, in that case, the Inn must have a Mate that speaks the desired language.


The following is a list of languages in the game. Note that we may add more languages depending on upcoming game contents.

North American
South American