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Beginner Guide

What is an Admiral?

Updated date : 2024-04-24 12:28(UTC +9)

  1. What is an Admiral?
  2. The Admiral's Growth
  3. Appointing an Admiral
  4. Company Focus
  5. Nation
  6. Title
  7. Tax Permit

What is an Admiral?

An Admiral is the player character, and the captain of the flagship who commands the entire fleet.

Main characters in the Uncharted Waters series appear as Admirals, including João Franco, Catalina Erantzo, Ali Vezas, Otto Baynes, and Ernst Von Bohr.

※ More Admirals will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

You can choose one Admiral when you begin the game, and your starting nation is that of the Admiral you choose.

Note that each Admiral has a unique set of skills and Chronicles, different starting stats, and different starting regions, which result in slight variations in the early phase of the game.

As your Admiral progresses through their Chronicles, a unique Mate will join your crew to assist you.

The Admiral is in charge of the first ship, that being the Flagship. Your Admiral has not only Combat and Duel skills, but also the Admiral's Order, which is a highly powerful skill that can turn the tide of your journey.  

The Admiral's Growth

Admirals generally have higher stats than other Mates you recruit in the early phase, making them great additions to any fleet. 

Through a variety of sailing activities, your Admiral can gain Adventure / Trade / Combat EXP and increase their LV. Admirals acquire unique skills as their LV increases. Along with Naval Combat skills and Duel skills, they also have their unique Admiral's Orders.

You can gain Adventure EXP through Sailing and Exploring, Trade EXP through making profits in the Market, and Combat EXP through Naval Combats. In addition, you can repeatedly complete Requests from the [Union] to gain easy rewards.

Appointing an Admiral

Should you fulfill specific requirements, you can recruit other Admirals other than the one you picked at the start of the game. Of course, you can also progress through the Chronicles of recruited Admirals.

You can appoint an Admiral in [Menu] - [Admiral].

Admirals normally have their main stats and skills tailored to their Chronicles, yet this does not mean that you must raise them that way. Raise your own João Franco and Catalina Erantzo.





João Franco,
Royal Explorer
A young noble from Portugal.
A kind young man who enjoys playing his lute for others to enjoy, but secretly dreams of a life filled with adventure. One day, he sets out to sea to find the Kingdom of Prester John, under the orders of his father to carry out the Franco family's will.
Catalina Erantzo,
Naval Officer
A pirate of España.
A daring and skilled individual who was appointed as a naval officer at the age of 18.
After her brother and fiancée lost their lives to an attack by a mysterious fleet, she abandons her military status to become a pirate and avenge them.
Ali Vezas,
Ottoman Trader
A merchant of the Ottoman Empire.
Although he was an orphan who lived through a poor childhood, he grew up to have a strong sense of independence, courage, and intelligence. After obtaining a merchant ship by chance, he sets out to sea with ambitions of becoming a billionaire.
Otto Baynes,
A knight of England.
An earnest and loyal individual respected by the public as an example for all knights. He becomes a privateer under secret orders from Henry Ⅷ, the King of England, and intends to form a powerful fleet that can rival the Español Armada.
Ernst Von Bohr,
Geography Instructor
A geography professor of the Netherlands.
Tired of the monotony of academic life, he began to dream of becoming a man of the seas and living a life of adventure. He finally makes a deal with his close friend Mercator and sets sail to draw the perfect world map.

Pietro Conti,
Remote Area

An adventurer of Genoa.
An indomitable individual who never gives up under any circumstances. Though he lived through an underprivileged childhood, he never gave up on his dream to travel the new world. He now sails the world to become a great adventurer.
Miranda Verte,
Landscape Explorer
An explorer of Genoa.
A lively woman with a personality to do anything she sets her mind to, but who has a pure heart that views everyone without prejudice. She mistakenly believes that she received a proposal from Pietro Conti at a young age, and decides to set out to sea in pursuit of her future husband.

Salvador Leis,
Algiers Pirate
A pirate of Algiers.
A simple pirate who has trouble speaking in front of women despite his competitiveness and rough personality. As the son of the great pirate, Hayreddin Leis, he set sail, no longer wanting to live in his father’s shadows. He wishes to lead the Algiers pirates to a brighter future and make up for their previous wrongdoings.

Anne Bonny,
Nassau Pirate
A notorious she-pirate from the Caribbean.
Her fierce personality makes her unstoppable, as she topples all those who stand in her way.
She forms her own pirate crew with John Rackham at her side and defeats Charles Vane. This leaves her with half a map, which convinces her to venture out to find the treasure island she had dreamt of her entire life.

Sayyida al Hurra,
Tetouan Lord
The Tetouan Lord.
As a seasoned leader, she shows mercy to the weak and shows none to abusers.
Trapped in her past trauma, of when she lost her homeland, Sayyida is informed of a coming invasion to her lands. To defend her land and overcome her past, she sails into the battle for Tetouan.

Leon Franco,
Family Head

An adventurer from Portugal.
Leon is a respected individual due to his upright nature.
He carries on his father, Raul’s will and sets sail to restore his family name.

Grace O’Malley,

Irish Pirate

A pirate of Ireland.
Showing leadership qualities from a young age, she led a pirate fleet. Defying the ambitions of England to take over Ireland, She embarked on a persistent path of struggle as a rebel leader.

Chand Bibi,

Bijapur Regent





The princess of Ahmednagar.

Determined to fulfill her sultan's dream, she set sail to the sea. In the future, she becomes the ruler of Bijapur and fights against the indomitable empire to protect her kingdom.

Imai Saki,

Silk Art Merchant





A Japanese merchant.

As the youngest in the family, when pushed aside in the succession line, she set sail to prove herself as a superior successor. Despite being a young girl, she showed talent in commerce with their calculative skills, but often let her enthusiasm get ahead of her, resulting in mistakes.

Date Masamune, 

Sendai Governor





Daimyo of Japan. 

Was also called the one-eyed dragon after losing an eye at a young age.

Tends to prioritize his own instincts over the advice or plans of others.

Sets sail to experience the world after encountering the culture of the west.

Nui Hoku,

Ruins Explorer



The daughter of an influential priest in Inca.

She spent a privileged childhood as the only daughter of a prestigious priest in the nation but now lives alone after losing her parents.

She dreams of living like a queen, but her only understanding friend is Nani Mahina.

Kim Mandeok,
Jeju Merchant Company Merchant
Merchant of Joseon.
Was orphaned at a young age but did not lose her kind heart despite being surrounded by envy and slander.
Sets sail in the belief that the only way to help those who are suffering from hunger and poverty is through financial power.

Hong Gildong,
Hwalbindang Leader
A righteous outlaw from Joseon.
Was born with extraordinary talent but ran away from home after facing discrimination because of his class.
Decides to find a utopia for the people while calling himself a righteous outlaw and gaining fame standing up to the tyranny of corrupt officials.

Qi Jiguang,
Qi's Forces Commander
A military official of the Ming dynasty. Is concerned about the people suffering from foreign invasions and promises to protect them. Sets sail to build an army to protect the people and to write a training book for future generations.

Zheng Chenggong,
Volunteer Soldier
Military official of the Ming dynasty.
Born as the son of the merchant pirate Zheng Zhilong, he received an extensive education.
Over time, he led a fleet to the seas to accomplish the great ambition that lies in his heart.

Yi Sun-sin
Admiral of Joseon.
An individual of great martial prowess and morals. Is the subject of envy and respect for all those around him.
He joined the front lines at the southern seas of the Korean Peninsula when the fate of the nation was threatened by the worsening circumstances.

A wandering pirate of unknown origin.
Prioritizes fun when it comes to life. Has a simple and cold personality and became a pirate without much thought.
Takes to the seas in search of her true dream with her friends who follow her around like family.

(The War of Genesis Collab)
An Antarian who ended up in this world due to the natural disaster on Storm Island.
Hides her true, soft personality due to being tasked with leading the resistance and only shows her strong and ambitious personality to the public.
Is filled with the thought of taking revenge on the Black Prince who killed her father and her older brothers and destroyed the kingdom.
Is neglecting her feelings towards G.S to take revenge.

Zheng He
Chinese, Mon-Khmer
Official of the Ming dynasty.
Served the Yongle Emperor and was given the title of Chief Eunuch for his military achievements.
Underwent 7 voyages to Africa to expand the influence of the Ming dynasty under orders from the Yongle Emperor.

Pilly Reis, Ottoman Admiral
Turkish, Farsi
Nature, Aesthetics
Admiral of the Ottomans. Became known as Pilly Reis after obtaining his rank. Has a reputation for being a cool-headed leader, and is passionate about creating the perfect map.

※ More Admirals will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

Company Focus

Once you appoint an Admiral, you must choose your [Company Focus] among Adventure, Trade, and Combat.

Note that the Union assigns Requests and Tasks for you according to your Focus, so you are more likely to get Requests that you want. This means you are likely to be rewarded with only select types of EXP and Fame, which will shape your entire gameplay.

Please note that, depending on your Company Focus, you will receive certain ship materials as rewards for your Daily Tasks.

Adventure rewards you with Masts, Trade rewards you with Wood, and Combat rewards you with Gun Ports.

You can change your Company Focus 24 hours after your last change.


Uncharted Waters Origin describes powerful nations that used to travel across the seven seas, pioneer new sailing routes, and fight each other to gain dominance over the ocean with their superior sailing technologies.

Stories of many nations will unfold—the conflict between España and its great armada and Portugal, the pioneer of the African & Indian sailing route, England and the Netherlands from the North Sea, who wanted to keep these countries in check, and the Ottoman Empire that joined the power struggle to rule over the Mediterranean Sea.

Admirals that players can choose live in this era of magnificent adventure, and they can receive titles from their nations once they gain enough fame.

Each nation has a Capital in a certain city. In the Capital, there is a Palace. In the Palace, you can have an audience with the king and receive Royal Orders to carry out.


As your Admiral's fame grows, your nation's palace will give you Royal Orders. Your Admiral can be promoted to higher titles by carrying out these Royal Orders.

You can raise your Admiral's Fame through in-game activities such as Adventure, Combat, and Trade. In order to receive a Title Advancement quest, your three Fame types must be equally invested in. This means you will have to balance your activities.

With higher titles, you can get tax exemptions from cities under your nation's influence, and your Royal Order completion reward increases. Also, you can spend National Contributions, which accumulate over time, in exchange for Usables such as rare gifts, ship materials and upgrade materials.

You are eligible for tax benefits depending on your Admiral's current title.

Title LVTax Benefits
LV 10% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 21% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 32% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 42% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 53% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 63% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 73% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 84% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 94% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 104% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more
LV 115% tax exemption in ports where your nation owns a share of 10% or more

Otto Baynes, one of the available Admirals, starts with Title LV 3 due to his background story.

Upon reaching Title LV 10, neutral NPCs (including elite NPCs) may engage you in combat.

Also, note that certain Admirals' Chronicles, Ships, Builds, and items from the Black Market will be available only after you achieve a certain Title LV.

If your Title LV is high enough, NPCs may challenge you to combat. The following are the conditions for this to occur.
- Pirate: Title LV 4 or above, Company LV 20 or above
- Warship: Title LV 4 or above, Company LV 20 or above, hostile nation amity
- Elite (Pirate): Title LV 10 or above, Company LV 30 or above
- Elite (Warship): Title LV 10 or above, Company LV 30 or above, hostile nation amity

Tax Permit

A Tax Permit is a permit you need to get tax exemptions when trading.

A Tax Permit can be obtained from the [Capital] - [Palace] of each nation. Note that they have a 3-day expiry period, and getting one requires Blue Gems.

Normally you can get tax benefits from your own nations, so it is better to get a Tax Permit from other nations, especially the ones that control the cities you will frequently visit or have trade goods that you will need. You can choose from two types of Tax Permits: A Territory Tax Permit, which works in the capital and cities of the issuing nation, and an Allied Tax Permit, which works in allied ports of the issuing nation.

You can check your current Tax Permit at [Menu] - [Company Overview] - [Tax Permit].