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João Franco

Updated date : 2023-03-07 10:40(UTC +9)

  1. João Franco
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João Franco

A Portuguese Noble Bearing the Pride of the Franco Family

A Portuguese noble who embarks on an adventure across the oceans to carry out the Franco family’s will.

Born as the son of Portuguese Duke Leon Franco, João Franco spent his youth in Lisboa, where he was educated in various fields according to family tradition. João dreamed of following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps to become a seafaring adventurer, but Leon always insisted that João was not ready yet. In 1522, the duke finally announced that the time had come. He set João on a quest to find the legendary Kingdom of Prester John and declared that João would be treated as a commoner until he completed his mission.

Freed from his cage at last, João set sail to the dangerous, mysterious New World, with his trusty aide Rocco Alemkel accompanying him as an experienced mate. Joined by several other mates, including Enrico Malione, a priest who wished to travel to Jipangu as a missionary, João set sail and began his journey to becoming an experienced admiral, until one day, he was ambushed by a pirate named Catalina Erantzo.

Thankfully, Rocco was there to save the day, and João managed to escape to safety. With Catalina relentlessly chasing him as her sworn enemy for reasons unknown to him, João continued his journey to find the Kingdom of Prester John. But alas, despite years of exploration, the Kingdom of Prester John has yet to reveal itself to the young noble, staying true to its nickname of the "Legendary Kingdom"...

Will João be able to make peace with Catalina? Will he ever find the Kingdom of Prester John to prove himself to the world as a proud Franco explorer?

Enhanced with various improvements and additions to the original scenario from Uncharted Waters II, João Franco’s adventure is now about to begin.



Focus:  Adventure

Job:  Royal Explorer

Specialized in exploration, a Royal Explorer utilizes a wide range of abilities that are helpful when exploring and sailing.

A Royal Explorer’s useful buff and debuff skills can come in handy during combat, making them effective in a support role as well.

Specialized Expertise

Aesthetics: Increases Currency and Fame gained from reporting Discoveries to Collectors.

Supply: Decreases daily food and water consumption while sailing. There is also a higher chance of disasters such as Rat Outbreaks, Scurvy, Plagues, and Fires being resolved naturally.

Language:  Portuguese LV 4, Español LV 2

Starting City:  Mediterranean Sea / Portugal / Lisboa

Voice Actor: Zach Aguilar

Admiral’s Order

Fleet Enhanced
Increases all allies' next Additional Ram Attack by 30% and the Additional Ram Critical Chance by 30%.
Fleet Domination
Applies Loyalty Recovery and Loyalty Loss Prevention effect for 1 hour.
Increases the Defense of all allies by 25%.

Applies a Naval Protection effect for 1 hour.


Area Ram:
Deals damage equal to 130% of Ram Attack to the target and the nearby area. Has a 25% chance to inflict Quarreling status for 3 turns. (Quarreling:  Every turn, damages 4.2% of Crew HP - Max Damage:  20. Reduces all Additional Attack by 12.3%, and all Additional Defense by 10.3%)
Precise Ram:
Deals damage equal to 115% of Ram Attack to the target. Has a 21% chance to inflict Confusion status for 2 turns.

Desperate Attack
Performs a powerful attack.


Diligent Explorer
Gather loot obtain rate when exploring increases by 1%.
Masked Pillager
Amity lost from Village Pillaging decreases by 1%.
Amplify Ram
Increases Additional Ram Defense by 5.3%.
Pirate Hunting
Increases Combat Power by 3 during combat against Pirates while exploring.
Defense Ignoring
Gives a 35.2% chance to ignore 12.2% of the enemy’s Defense against Ram attacks.
Skilled Sail
Increases Fleet Speed by 0.5%.
Extra Fixed
Damage on Ram
Gives a 14.4% chance to deal 23 extra Fixed Damage with Ram attack.
Seek Fame
Increases Fame gained from reporting Discoveries by 1%.
Amateur Explorer
Natural Effect
Increases Fame gained from reporting Discoveries by 0.1%.

Chronicles Mates

Rocco Alemkel
Portuguese LV 4,
Español LV 3
Enrico Malione
Portuguese LV 2
Lopo Pereira
Portuguese LV 3,
French LV 3
Portuguese LV 4,
Español LV 4

Notable Mates

Rocco Alemkel

João Franco’s aide, Rocco has been serving the Franco family for three generations. Rocco’s exceptional skills as a sailor and a combatant have saved João on several occasions and aided him greatly in his journey.

Despite his age, Rocco still lives up to his reputation as “Rocco the Hero”. Pirates cower when they hear his name, and novice mates look up to him as a role model.

Focus: Combat

Job: Chief Helmsman

Specialized in Combat, a Chief Helmsman is adept at Ramming Expertise.

The character’s Growth increases Fleet Sailing Speed.

Language:  Portuguese LV 4, Español LV 3

Specialized Expertise

Ramming: Deals greater damage when Ramming the enemy, while taking less damage when struck by enemies’ Ramming.

Artillery: Deals greater damage to the enemy with Artillery, while taking less damage from the enemy's Artillery.

Voice Actor: Jeff Schine

Enrico Malione

24, Male. A Priest from Portugal.

A man of deep faith and passion despite his gentle appearance, Enrico joined João Franco's fleet on Father Fellippe's recommendation in order to gain passage to Jipangu, a faraway Eastern land. Enrico shows mercy even toward his enemies, which occasionally brings him into conflict with Rocco Alemkel, but he is not one to regret his decisions.

Focus: Trade

Job: Accountant

Specialized in Trade, an Accountant is adept at Purchasing Expertise and Sales Expertise.

The character’s Growth increases purchase quantity of Trade Goods classified as Wares, and applies discounts on Purchase Price.

Language:  Portuguese LV 2

Specialized Expertise

Sales: Can sell Trade Goods at a better price, and gains a higher Surcharge Rate from a successful negotiation.

Purchasing: Can purchase Trade Goods at a better price, and gains a higher Discount Rate from a successful negotiation.

Voice Actor: Zach Aguilar