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Basic Growth Guide

What's the difference between Company LV and Build LV?

Updated date : 2023-03-03 15:58(UTC +9)

  1. Company LV
  2. Build LV

Company LV

In Uncharted Waters Origin, the Company is your account. The Company Name is your nickname, and Company LV is your account LV.

As your Admiral, Mates, Adventure, Trade, and Combat Fame grow, your Company LV will grow as well, unlocking many benefits and features.

■ How to increase EXP for each category

AdventureComplete Adventure Union Requests
Acquire Discoveries during your sail by exploring
Gain Adventure EXP each time you enter a city depending on
the sailing distance traveled
TradeComplete Trade Union Requests
Make a profit in the Market
Gain bonus EXP by making huge profits or dealing Specialties
in the Market
CombatComplete Combat Union Requests
Achieve victory in Naval Combat
Gain more EXP if you defeat stronger foes

The major benefit of a high Company LV is that the number of ships your Admiral can command at the same time increases up to seven. Having more ships means you can carry more cargo and form more strategic combat formations.

Maximum Energy increases as your Company LV grows. Energy is required to progress in Chronicles, use Admiral's Orders, and interact with Inn Employees.

Build LV

Build LV affects the building aspect of your ship. There are separate Build LVs for eastern and western ships.

You can view your Build LV in [Menu] - [Encyclopedia] - [Blueprint] or [Shipyard] - [Blueprint]. Build LV increases only through Ship Building and Ship Dismantling.

As your Build LV increases, Blueprints will unlock, allowing you to build higher grade ships.


Building a ship requires many materials, Ducats, and finally, time. Higher grade ships also require rare materials. You can obtain some Ship Materials from [Shipyard] - [Parts Shop]. Sometimes you will come across rare materials at [Item Shop] - [Black Market]. In addition, you can gain Ship Materials through completing Daily Tasks or as Loot from Combat.

You can expedite building your ship through Shipbuilding Acceleration or spending Red Gems. After the ship is complete, you can visit the city where the ship is being built to claim it, or have it consigned to you by spending Blue Gems.