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Pietro Conti

Updated date : 2023-09-13 15:09(UTC +9)

  1. Pietro Conti
  2. Notable Mates

Pietro Conti

An Adventurer of Genoa who Dreams of a Great Discovery

This is the story of Pietro, who leaves behind his unfortunate past and sets sail to Terra Incognita to become a great adventurer.

Burdened by the tremendous amount of debt left by his late father, Pietro Conti was eking out a living.

Looking for ways to make a living without any capital, he decided to become an adventurer. However, all he found were his creditors hounding him for debt.

It seemed that Pietro was destined to spend all his life paying off debts, but then he was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. His friend Camillo Stefano introduced him to the Franco family, prominent nobles from Portugal, who offered to sponsor Pietro.

Unlike other sponsors who only offered a petty amount of money, the Francos even proposed to pay off all his debts. Pietro was certain that there was a catch, but he accepted the contract; even if it was a trap, it couldn’t be worse than spending the rest of his life up to his neck in debt.

Finally free from the burdens of debt, Pietro now freely roams the world to fulfill his dream of becoming a great adventurer. In his journey, he discovers a gold medal that is seemingly related to the legendary city of gold, El Dorado.

Pietro and Camillo, the two best friends, now embark on a long journey to discover El Dorado.

For Pietro, it is an opportunity to make his name in the world as an adventurer by making a great discovery; for Camillo, it is a chance to find treasure that will make him a wealthy man. Will they be able to find El Dorado and make their dreams come true?

Enhanced with various improvements and additions to the original scenario, Pietro Conti’s adventure is now about to begin.

Focus:  Adventure

Job:  Remote Area Explorer
Specialized in Adventure, a Remote Area Explorer can easily evade enemies’ attacks and has higher chances of finding Discoveries.
Able to increase the Ally Fleet’s Defense and bombard the enemies with Status Effect Artillery from afar, a Remote Area Explorer is great at supporting allies from the rear.

Specialized Expertise
Aesthetics: Increases the Rewards and Fame gained from reporting Discoveries to Collectors.
Nature: Increases the chances of finding a Discovery while exploring.

Language:  Latin LV4, French LV2

Starting City:  Mediterranean Sea/ Genoa/ Genoa

Voice Actor:  Bill Butts

Admiral's Order
Wind Conqueror
Increases Fleet Speed by 1 knots for 2 hours.
Survival Tactics
Decrease daily water and food cost by 15% for 2 hours.
Emergency Replenishment
Replenishes Crew within all ships of fleet to max.
First Aid
Immediately heals all Mates' injuries within the fleet and grants Prevent Injury Effect for 1 hour.

Enhanced Ram Strength
Increases the target’s Ram Attack by 18% and Range by 1.
Enhanced Artillery: Damage Sail
Increases Range and deals Damage equal to 120% of Artillery Attack. Has a 100% chance to inflict Damaged Sail status for 2 turns. (Damaged Sail: Decrease Mobility by 1)
Absolute Counterattack
A counterattack that never misses.

Aggressive Explorer
Increases Loot obtained from Combat while exploring by 1%.
Master of Gathering
Increases the amount of Food and Water gained while exploring by 1%.
Amplify Ram Attack
Increases Additional Ram Attack by 5%.
Beast Hunting
Increases Combat Power against Beasts while exploring by 3.
Short Rations
Decreases daily Food and Water consumption by 1.1%.
Spice Sales Surcharge
Allows selling Spices for a 1% higher price.
Extra Fixed Damage on Ram
Gives a 14.4% chance to deal 23 extra Fixed Damage on Ram attack.
Seek Fame
Increases Fame gain amount from reporting Discoveries by 1%.
Amateur Adventurer
Natural Effect
Increases Fame gain amount from reporting Discoveries by 0.1%.

Chronicles Mates
Camillo Stefano
Liquor Trader
Latin LV2
Vasco da Gama
Portuguese LV4,
Sanskrit LV4

Notable Mates

Camillo Stefano

"Go for the jackpot! Say goodbye to life in poverty!"

31, Male. A Genoese navigator.

A close friend of Pietro Conti who is careful and deliberate, unlike Pietro.

Camillo was hired by the Franco family to work on a merchant vessel, and gave mental and financial support to Pietro, who was burdened by tremendous debts. And yet, Camillo himself was far from wealthy and had to work diligently, always dreaming of becoming rich one day.

One day, he introduced Pietro to his employer, Duchess Franco, after learning that she was looking for a skilled adventurer. Camillo quit his job at the merchant fleet and has embarked on an adventure with Pietro, who now has a sponsor.

Unlike Pietro, Camillo has no interest in being a great adventurer; to him, the goal of the adventure is to find great treasure and escape poverty.

Focus:  Trade

Job:  Liquor Trader
Specialized in Trading, a Liquor Trader is adept at Sales Expertise.
Growth through use increases Purchase Quantity of Trade Goods classified as Liquor, and applies discounts on Purchase Cost.

Language:  Latin LV2

Specialized Expertise
Sales: Can sell Trade Goods at a better price, and gains a higher Surcharge Rate from a successful negotiation.
Purchasing: Can purchase Trade Goods at a better price, and gains a higher Discount Rate from a successful negotiation.

Voice Actor:  
Zach Aguilar