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Beginner Guide

How Do I Earn Ducats?

Updated date : 2023-03-03 15:13(UTC +9)

  1. Concept of the Ducat
  2. How to Earn Ducats
  3. Safely Manage your Wealth at the Bank
  4. Contract with Collectors, and Discoveries
  5. Requests and Tasks

Concept of the Ducat

The Ducat is the Currency in the world of Uncharted Waters Origin.

Ducats are required to perform basic transactional activities, such as building ships, buying ship parts, recruiting and managing mates required for sailing, purchasing equipment for mates, buying exploration gear, recruiting crew members, and buying supplies like Water and Food. They are also required to perform a variety of city-related activities, such as investing in a city and donating to religious facilities.

Above all, they are required to buy and sell Trade Goods.

Whether you want to raise a great naval force, make your dreams come true, take vengeance for your family, or become a billionaire, earning Ducats always comes first.

How to Earn Ducats

Trade is the quickest, and surest way to earn Ducats. "Buy low, sell high." Abide by this basic trading tip, and you will earn Ducats in no time.


Study the market price of Trade Goods at the Market whenever you visit a city.

Market Price is displayed in %. If the market price is below 100%, it means the Trade Goods are cheaper than nearby cities, and if the market price is above 100% it means the Trade Goods are more expensive in that city.


Purchasing Trade Goods with lower than 90% market price and selling Trade Goods with higher than 110% market price is recommended. You can take advantage of regular trade events and Major Trends to gain a huge profit.

Safely Manage your Wealth at the Bank

Trade is an active commercial activity, whereas banking emphasizes protecting your money and providing stable income.

There are several activities you can do in the Bank. You can make a Deposit, in which you deposit your money in advance to protect your wealth from unforeseen sailing accidents, and a Savings Account, into which you make deposits once a day for a week and receive the original amount plus interest when the deposit period ends. You can also get Insurance, which covers some of the damage that occurs during your journey.

Deposits made to your Savings Account with the addition of Blue Gems can net you higher interest rates.

Contract with Collectors, and Discoveries

Throughout the world, there are many Collectors who collect information on Discoveries.

Collectors offer contracts to adventurers in which the adventurers provide reports on Discoveries made and in return receive due compensation. The family of João Franco, one of the admirals available to players, is also one of these Collector's Estates.

Players can sign a contract with Collectors in certain cities of each nation and report to them the Discoveries made while sailing to receive compensation, such as Ducats and Fame.


Players are given Explorer Grades depending on their Discovery Score Rankings, and higher Grades can give you more rewards.

Requests and Tasks

If you still want to make Ducats aside from Adventures or Trades, the best way to do so is by taking on Requests and Tasks, which are in essence the gameplay guidelines.

Tasks can be divided into Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, and Monthly Tasks, depending on how frequently they are refreshed, and each Task rewards you with 0.1M - 1M Ducats.

You get different types of Daily Tasks depending on your Company Focus - Adventure, Trade, and Combat.

The Ducat reward from Daily Tasks is determined by the Company LV, while the Building Material reward is determined by the Shipyard LV.

※ The Building Material reward is determined by the highest LV between your Western Build LV or Eastern Build LV.


Requests do not give you many Ducats. However, you can gain other Materials and Fame, and you can repeat them as many times as you want. Players can do Requests in tandem with other activities such as Trade and Adventure.