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Leon Franco

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  1. Leon Franco
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Leon Franco

The Adventure of Leon, Striving to Revive a Fallen Family

Leon Franco is Raul Franco’s only son.

Growing up witnessing his father’s daring and adventurous spirit, Leon aspired to become an excellent patriarch like his father.

However, when his father embarked on a journey risking everything, he went missing, leaving the Franco family in crisis.

Upon his return to Lisboa, barely alive, Rocco informed Leon of his father’s failed expedition and Raul’s disappearance. Though devastated by his father’s loss, Leon’s new circumstance doesn’t give him any time to mourn.

With his father’s disappearance, a tremendous burden falls upon Leon’s shoulders, and the family faces the threat of bankruptcy. But with the help of his new mate, Carlotta and Rocco, his father’s long-time companion, Leon gradually starts repaying his father’s debt and start rebuilding the family.

In his search for his father’s whereabouts, Leon travels as a far as Arabia and reunites with Rui Costa, who also disappeared alongside his father. However, he fails to receive any news regarding Raul. Eventually, Leon comes to terms with his father’s passing.

Continuing Raul Franco’s legacy. Leon becomes the new leader of the house and sets sail on a grand expedition that begins in the Portuguese royal court, aiming to settle his debt, rebuild the family, and win the heart of the woman he loves.

Facing the challenges of an uncooperative kingdom, rival competitors, and pirate attacks, overcome numerous obstacles that stand in Leon’s way and become a respected patriarch, a beloved husband, and elevate the name of the Franco family.

Focus: Trade

Job: Franco Family Head

Leon is the head of the Franco family, a noble family in the Kingdom of Portugal.

He possesses various skills related to trading trade goods. Leon has the ability to sell certain trade goods at higher prices or purchase them in larger quantities.

Specialized Expertise

Purchasing: Grants advantages when purchasing trade goods.

Sales: Grants advantages when selling trade goods.

Language: Portuguese LV5, Sanskrit LV2 

Starting City: Mediterranean Sea / Portugal / Lisboa

Voice Actor: Nicolas Roye

Admiral’s Order

Rare Loot
Increase overcharge when selling Weapons, Seasoning, and Luxuries by 8.5% for 1 h.
New Products
Increase Purchase Quantity of Weapons, Luxuries, and Seasoning by 20 for 10 m.
Fleet Domination
Applies Loyalty Recovery and Loyalty Loss Prevention effect for 1 h.
Apply Damage Immunity to Target for 3 turns.


Damage Rudder
Damage Target for 100% of Artillery Attack, with a 100% chance to afflict Damaged Rudder for 2 turns.
(Damaged Rudder: Additional Mobility 12.5% Decrease Effect)
Precise Artillery:
Damage Target for 115% of Artillery Attack, with a 21% chance to afflict Disorder for 2 turns.
Desperate Attack
​Performs a powerful attack.


Sales Surcharge
When selling Artwork, get a 1% overcharge rate.
Weapons Trade
Increase Weapons purchase quantity by 5.6%.
Artillery Defense
Increase Additional Artillery Defense by 5.3%.
Short Rations
Decrease daily food and water consumption by 1.1%.
Trade Boost
Increase Artwork purchase quantity by 5.6%.
Artillery Damage
Negate incoming damage with 2.6% chance when hit by Artillery attack.
Sales Surcharge
When selling Jewelry, get a 1% overcharge rate.
Sales Surcharge
When selling Weapons, get a 1% overcharge rate.
The Beginning of
the Revival
Increase Weapons Sales Surcharge by 0.2%.

Chronicles Mates

Rocco Alemkel
Portuguese LV4,
Español LV3
Rui Costa
Jewel Trader
Portuguese LV3
Portuguese LV2
Sanskrit LV2
Portuguese LV4,
Bantu LV4

Notable Mates

Rocco Alemkel

45, male, Portuguese Sailor.

Appointed as Leon Franco’s first mate, the sailor not only possessed exceptional navigational skills but also remarkable combat prowess. In several instances, he rescued Leon from peril, becoming a great source of strength for him.

Despite being middle-aged, his nickname ‘Rocco the Hero’ sends shivers down the spines of pirates. He is a figure admired by aspiring sailors.

Focus: Combat

Job: Chief Helmsman

As a job that is specialized in combat, Rocco is skilled in Ramming.

As Rocco becomes stronger, the fleet sailing speed will increase.

Language: Portuguese LV4, Español LV3

Specialized Expertise

Ramming: Can deal greater ram damage and reduce the damage taken from enemy ram attacks.

Artillery: Can deal greater artillery damage and reduce the damage taken from enemy artillery attacks.


Voice Actor: Jeff Schine


A 15 year old female inn employee at Lisboa.

Carlotta is the daughter of the innkeeper in Lisboa and also works there. Full of adventurous spirit and eagerness to see the wider world, she negotiates with Leon Franco and is hired as a mate. 

Carlotta is skilled at handling quick-witted and rough sailors. When others hesitated, she joined Leon’s fleet and showcased her talents, earning recognition from the admiral.

As the fleet’s manager, Carlotta is responsible for managing provisions and ensuring that the fleet funds used by Leon are not depleted. She strives to maintain a steady supply of funds.

Thanks to her assertive and outspoken personality, Carlotta has secured her position in Leon’s fleet. She dreams of traveling the world and engaging in various types of trade until the day she can inherit the inn when she eventually disembarks from the fleet.

Focus: Trade

Job: Dye Merchant

As a dye merchant, she can increase the purchase quantity of dye trade goods.

As Carlotta becomes stronger, she can decrease the chances of disasters such as Fire and Insanitation.

Language: Portuguese LV2

Specialized Expertise

Nature: Increases animal and plant discovery and related efficiencies.

Sales: Provides advantages when it comes to selling trade goods.


55, male. Aljeuna is a retired bureaucrat of the Mughal Empire.

When Aljeuna found himself in a difficult situation after being robbed and losing all his money. Leon came to his aid out of kindness, and in order to repay that kindness, he joins Leon’s fleet.

During the reign of the founding emperor of the Mughal Empire, Babur, who is still referred to as the king, and while he was still building his power within the city of Kabul, Aljeuna retired due to his old age.

King Babur of Kabul tried to persuade Aljeuna several times, to revoke his retirement, but weary of bloodshed and violence, he still retired, embarking on a journey to the warm southern region of India.

After joining Leon, he wholeheartedly supported him whenever he encountered difficulties and made significant contributions to the growth of the Franco family.

Aljeuna wished to spend his remaining years in peace on a warm exotic island. 

Focus: Adventure

Job: Biologist

It’s a job specialized for adventures. It provides advantages when it comes to land exploration.

During combat, he can also increase accuracy.

Language: Sanskrit LV2

Specialized Expertise

Nature: Aljeuna can increase the efficiency at which animals and plants are found.

Scouting: Increases various ship running skills related to port entering distances and disaster rates.

Voice Actor: Armen Taylor

Rui Costa

32, male. Captain of the Franco family.

Hailing from a noble family in Portugal, Rui spent his early years serving in a friendly noble family in France. However,he grew tired of the stifling manners and formality of the aristocracy and set sail for the sea.

Thanks to his noble upbringing and high education, Rui easily became a ship’s officer and caught the attention of Raul Franco, who recognized his talent. He was appointed as the captain of a ship and embarked on an expedition to India together with Raul.

Unfortunately, the Indian expedition ended in failure, and Rui found himself stranded in the desert, facing a life or death crisis. Fortunately, he was rescued by a passing vessel. From there, Rui searched for Raul Franco, who was the admiral and lord of his house. Despite Rui’s efforts, he couldn’t find him until he reached the Arabian Peninsula after crossing the African continent.

During his time with Leon, Rui, who suffered physically and mentally, became a somewhat serious and cautious man, but his loyalty to the Franco family was genuine. 

Focus: Trade

Job: Jewel Trader

As an expert in trading jewels, he can increase the purchase amount of jewel trade goods.

He can also bind the enemy by using Seal Action.

Language: Portuguese LV3

Specialized Expertise

Negotiation: Increase negotiation capabilities when dealing trade goods.

Scouting: Increases various ship running skills related to port entering distances and disaster rates.

Voice Actor: Andrew Russell