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Zheng Chenggong

Updated date : 2024-01-31 17:33(UTC +9)

  1. Zheng Chenggong
  2. Notable Mates

Zheng Chenggong

A loyal and upright volunteer soldier who dedicated his whole life to protect his homeland during the late Ming dynasty

Zheng Chenggong was born amidst chaotic times, during the end of the Ming dynasty and the start of the Qing dynasty, to a father from the Ming dynasty and a Japanese mother. He spent his early years in Japan and his boyhood in the Ming dynasty.


Deeply immersed in Confucianism, Zheng Chenggong studied Confucianist ideals and honed his martial arts skills. He then answered his father’s call and traveled to the Ming dynasty from Japan to study for the state examination.


Zheng Chenggong studied for years at his father’s residence. Afterward, he accepts his father’s orders and heads to Peking for the state examination so he can work in the government.


Zheng Chenggong passes the state examination while revering loyalty and filiality as absolute ideals. He swears to remain loyal to his homeland, which is experiencing chaotic and tumultuous times.


See if Zheng Chenggong will be able to make his father’s wish come true while protecting the greater good!


Focus: Combat


Job: Volunteer Soldier

- Values loyalty and filiality more than anything and has upright ideals.

- Is a warrior. Has a high regard for martial arts and enjoys sparring.


Specialized Expertise

- Melee: Increases Melee efficiency.

- Ramming: Increases Ram efficiency.


Language: Chinese LV4, Japanese LV4


Starting City: East Asia / Japan / Nagasaki


Voice Actor: Aleks Le

Admiral’s Order

Undying Fealty
Increase All Additional Attack by 90% and decrease All Additional Defense by 50%.
Eyeing Goods
Increase Purchase Quantity of Trade Goods by 10 for 10 m.
First Aid
Immediately heal all mate injuries within the fleet and Prevent Injury for 1 h.
Reflexive Force
Grant All Allies with the ability to nullify Counterattack and Reflect Damage, and return 35% of damage taken.


Enhanced Melee: Damage Rudder
Expand Range and deal 148.5% of Melee Attack, with a 100% chance of inflicting Damaged Rudder status for 2 turns. (Damaged Rudder: Additional Mobility 20.8% Decrease Effect)

Wild Melee: Poison
Damage One’s Surroundings for 125% of Melee Attack, with a 25% chance to afflict Poison for 3 turns. (Poison: Damage Crew HP by 13.5% every turn, Max Damage: 300 every turn)

Desperate Attack
Performs a powerful attack.


Additional Melee Critical Damage
Deal 2.3% Additional Damage on Critical Melee attacks.
Amplify Melee Attack
Increase Additional Melee Attack by 5%.
Additional Melee on Melee
Attack again for 6.5% damage on Melee Attack. (The additional effect does not occur on the second attack.)
Enhance Melee Counterattack
Increase Melee Counterattack Damage by 5.3% before getting hit.
Defense Ignoring Melee
35.2% chance of ignoring Defense by 12.2% when Melee Attack is used.
Additional Fixed Damage on Melee
14.4% chance of additional 43 Fixed Damage added on Melee Attack.
Confusion Melee
2.6% chance to inflict enemy with Confusion status for 1 turn on Melee Attack.
Crew Quick Heal
Quick Heal 3.6% of lost Crew HP with a 35.2% chance when hit by Melee Attack.
Fighter’s Offense
Natural Effect
Increase Additional Melee Attack by 0.5%.


Chronicles Mates


Wa Shi
Chinese LV2,
Tagalog LV2

Tagawa Shichizaemon
Japanese LV2,
Chinese LV1

Abbakka Chowta
Sanskrit LV2,
Mon-Ayutthaya LV1

Jewel Trader
Indigenous Caribbean LV5

Notable Mates


Wa Shi


 “I, Wa Shi, will lead the vanguard!”


A fellow general of Zheng Chenggong who is Manchurian.

She was a warlord responsible for protecting the land beyond the Shanhai Pass and was trusted by the Ming royal court. 

When her husband caused a rebellion, she quelled the rebels with her father.

While facing hardships from losing her father and her family due to attacks from the Later Jin dynasty, 

Zheng Chenggong rescues her. She then considers him a savior and follows him to return the favor.


Focus: Combat


Job: Commando

- Specialized in Combat. Has skills that help with Combat.

- Has skills related to Melee, which prove to be extremely useful during Melee combat.


 Specialized Expertise

- Melee: Increases Melee efficiency. 

Language: Chinese LV2, Tagalog LV2


Voice Actor: Sarah Williams

Tagawa Shichizaemon


“The one who wins gets to be the older brother!”


Zheng Chenggong’s younger half-brother, who inherited his grandfather’s name. His nickname is Tagawa ‘Jiro’ Shichizaemon.

He is considered the eldest son of the Tagawa family since Zheng Chenggong left for the Zheng family.

He is playful and whimsical and does what piques his interest. 

Through his mother, he exchanged letters with Zheng Chenggong from a young age and kept a close relationship.

When his older brother, who he hasn’t seen in a long time, asks him for help, he gladly sets off with him.

Focus: Combat


Job: Raider

- Specialized in Combat. Has skills that help with Combat.

- Has skills related to Melee, which prove to be extremely useful during Melee combat.


Specialized Expertise

Melee: Increases Melee efficiency.


Language: Japanese LV2, Chinese LV1


Voice Actor: Chris Hackney

Abbakka Chowta


 “Sir Zheng, I will defeat the enemy!”


Abbakka Chowta was the queen of the Ullal Kingdom in India. The Ullal Kingdom was attacked by the Portuguese, 

but Abbakka gained fame as a heroine by successfully fighting off every attack.

However, she was captured by Portugal due to being betrayed by her husband, 

whom she was wed to by an arranged marriage, and her kingdom fell.

Just before she is about to be executed, she is rescued by Zheng Chenggong, 

who happened to be visiting India. Zheng Chenggong rescues Abbakka, and she joins Zheng Chenggong’s crew, 

due to having no country to go back to and being chased by Portugal.

She is intelligent and brave and also is extremely fond of Zheng Chenggong.


Focus: Combat


Job: Sharpshooter

- Specialized in Combat. Has skills that help with Combat.

- Has skills related to Artillery, which prove to be extremely useful during Artillery combat.


Specialized Expertise

Artillery: Increases Artillery efficiency.

Language: Sanskrit LV2, Mon-Ayutthaya LV1


Voice Actor: -