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Auction House

Updated date : 2023-03-03 17:25(UTC +9)

  1. About the Auction House
  2. Buying
  3. Selling

About the Auction House

The Auction House is a hub where players can trade with each other using Red Gems. You can access the Auction House any time via [Menu] - [Auction House].

You can trade Ships, Blueprints, Contracts, Parts, Gear, and Tools—practically every item that can be crafted or obtained in the game, with the only exceptions being Trade Goods, paid Currency items, and untradable items from Mission & Event rewards.

The price of every traded item is determined based on transactions over the past 28 days, and you can check the lowest and the highest price.


Find the item you wish to purchase using the tabs at the top or the Search feature, and select it to view items for sale.

You can also check the lowest, highest, and average prices based on recent transactions. Select the item you want and press the Purchase button; the item will then be immediately transferred to your Storage (ships will be transferred to the Dock instead).

If the item you are looking for has variable stats, such as Ships, you can compare stats of items for sale. The Auction House also supports search filters, so you can choose up to 4 stats you wish to compare to sort the list of items.


Register an item you wish to sell by choosing the item and the quantity.

You can also check the current market prices before deciding to sell.


To register an item to sell, you need to pay a Register Commission based on the price of the item (2,000 Ducats per 10 Red Gems). When the item is successfully sold, you pay a Sales Fee in Red Gems (15% of the price of the item). Minimum registration price is 10 Red Gems. Note that each ship, depending on its tier, has a different minimum registration price.

Items for sale will be put on the market for 48 hours and once they are put on the market, they will immediately disappear from your Dock or Storage and will become unavailable to use.