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Updated date : 2023-08-16 14:16(UTC +9)

  1. About the Journal
  2. Discovery Journal
  3. Blueprint Journal
  4. Adventure Note

About the Journal

Uncharted Waters Origin’s Journal system tracks all the information a player has collected. It is more than just a list of obtained items, and includes all information about the world acquired during voyages.

Some Journal entries will be easily revealed during gameplay, but some of the rarer entries will require a player to prove their worth as an adventurer through Exploration and Gathering. Revealing Journal entries will reward you with extra Blue Gems and Achievement Points.

The full list of Journal entries is available at [Menu] - [Journal].


The Journal is divided into three categories: the Discoveries which include all sorts of knowledge, Blueprint which is all about Ships, and Adventure Note which contains tales regarding discoveries.

Discovery Journal

Discoveries refer to Nature, Animals, Plants, Architecture, Artifacts, Treasures, and Fishing. Each category is vast as each one contains several hundred entries.

Discoveries can be acquired from numerous sources, but the most effective way to Discover rare Resources is to engage in Sea Exploration, Land Exploration, and Fishing.

You never know when you’ll have to embark on an Exploration, so you should always have Exploration Tools such as a Spyglass or a Bedroll ready.


The easiest entries to discover are Cities, but City entries tend to have a relatively low Grade.

The Fishing Journal shows the conditions for a successful Big Catch, the fish’s size and condition.

You can report Discovered entries to a Collector who sponsors you at their Estate, or brag about them to an Employee at an Inn.

Blueprint Journal

A Blueprint, as the word itself implies, is a blueprint of a ship.

You can see the Blueprints that will be unlocked as you raise your Build LV, and those that will not.


The three categories of Ships are Western Ships, Eastern Ships, and Special Ships. In the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, and the Black Sea, you will be mainly using Western Ships. Western Ships and Eastern Ships have their own Build LVs. You will be able to build Eastern Ships only after reaching Cities with their Blueprints.

A Special Ship refers to a special vessel that doesn’t fall into either the Eastern or Western category. Special Ships such as Golden Ships cannot be built with standard materials, but appear more powerful and boast exquisite exteriors compared to other Ships of the same class. Ships from future collab events will be categorized as Special Ships as well.

Blueprint LV for Improved Western, Eastern, and Special Ships can be raised by building them while being in a Monopolizing Guild.

Adventure Note

You can check the tales from collecting Constellations and obtain rewards from the Adventure Note.


Constellation clues and a certain Aesthetics LV are required in order to discover constellations, and once you arrive at a specific location, a minigame will occur to discover them.

Discovered Constellations can be seen in the Discoveries Journal.