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Updated date : 2023-03-03 17:27(UTC +9)

  1. About Disasters
  2. Relieving Disasters

About Disasters

Disasters are adverse events that randomly occur during voyages.

The four types of Disasters are Disease Outbreaks, Naval Accidents, Crew Mental Instability and Health Deterioration, and Natural Phenomena, all of which cause different effects.

When a Disaster occurs, your Ship and Crew suffer direct damage based on the type of the disaster.

■ Disaster Types

DiseaseRats, Bad Hygiene, Scurvy, Plague, Blindness, Decay, Malaria, Contamination
AccidentFire, Seaweed, Reef, Leaking, Great Fire, Mutiny, Quarreling, Stolen Cargo, Fallen Cargo, Confinement
Frustration, Anxiety, Homesickness, Insomnia, Quarreling, Mutiny
Storm, Rogue Waves, Snowstorm, Hurricane, Becalmed, Magnetic Field Anomaly, Siren,
Man-eating Shark, Whale Collision

Relieving Disasters

There are two ways to actively resolve a Disaster.

1. Purchasing and using the appropriate Tool from the Item Shop.

2. Using Miracles.


Miracles are effects that remove all Status Effects, and they are given to Beginner players with Company LV 25 or lower (the first 10 Miracles are free).

Once you reach Company Level 25, you need to use Tools from the Item Shop and Paid Currency (including Items) to resolve Disasters.


Tools required for resolving Disasters can be purchased via [City] - [Item Shop].

Rat PoisonA drug used to eliminate rats.
It can be used to resolve Rat Outbreaks.
Cleaning ToolA tool used to keep the ship clean.
It can be used to resolve Contamination and Fallen Cargo.
Fire SandA bag of sand used to smother a fire in an emergency.
It can be used to resolve Fires and Great Fires.
BucketTool used to scoop out water and wash away dirt.
It can be used to resolve Leaking, Reefs, and Decay.
Lime JuiceA drink made with lime.
It can be used to cure Scurvy.
Rum BarrelAlcohol to relieve the fatigue of a long voyage.
It can be used to relieve the Crew’s Frustration.
Plague RemedyMedicine to cure Plague.
It can be used to cure the Crew’s Plague.
EarplugsEarplugs to protect the Crew from devilish songs.
It can be used to protect the Crew from Sirens.
Rope of PunishmentA rope used to punish insubordinate Crew members.
It can be used to resolve Quarreling, Mutiny, and Stolen Cargo.
HammockA hammock providing comfortable sleep even in a swaying ship.
It can be used to cure the Crew’s insomnia.
Carillon BellsAn instrument that makes beautiful sounds.
It can be used to cure the Crew’s homesickness.
Seafaring ScoreA sheet containing energetic songs.
It can be used to cure the Crew's Anxiety.
Long SickleA makeshift tool with a sickle tied to the end of a long pole.
It can be used to clear Seaweed.
Holy BalmA balm to pray for a storm to end.
It can be used to resolve the Storm status.
Sea God CharmA charm with the power to calm a turbulent environment.
It can be used to resolve Rogue Waves, Snowstorms, and Hurricanes.
Wind God SoybeanA mysterious soybean that borrows the wind god's power to make the wind blow.
It can be used to resolve the Becalmed Status.
Simple CompassA delicate-looking compass.
It can be used to resolve a Magnetic Field Anomaly.
ScarecrowA scarecrow in the shape of a human in rags.
It can be used to resolve Man-eating Sharks.
FacewashA medicine that can remove secretions and foreign particles from the eye.
It can be used to heal the crew's Blindness.
SawA saw used to cut iron chains.
It can be used to resolve Confinement.
Fine Fire SandAn emergency sandbag for extinguishing Great Fires.
It can be used to resolve Great Fires.

Neglected Disasters have a base chance to resolve automatically, and can be resolved when the weather changes or the Disaster expires. But its damage will continue to accumulate until it is resolved, and for some Disasters, the adverse effects will worsen the longer the Disaster is neglected.